When My Bro Was Hit By a Car

When we were kids my Mom used to let me and my brother who was only 3.5 at the time go outside and play on the street. I used to be maybe in 2nd grade so I guess that would make me 7 years old.

We lived in a Cull De Sac so there were no traffic flow by no means. It was a very safe area to play.

My brother who was always stubborn and would never listen to ANYONE was running around and playing, it was time to go home. I got a bit worried because there were some cars and I told him to hold my hand, he was refusing to do that, so I threatened him that if he does not hold my hand that I will never take him outside to play and it worked! He held my hand and I was walking triumphantly that he listened to me. Then like the sneaky little stubborn bugger he was he let go of my hand, dashes out on the street laughing and kaboom, he got struck by a car.


The car screeched to a halt , there were 2 men in the car who left the car panicking like there was no tomorrow. They ran to my brother who was on the ground right by the car and they carried him and took him in the car and left.

I was stunned, first my brother gets hit by a car and then those 2 stranger men take him away, I was shouting at the men: “Where are you taking my brother, leave my brother alone” but no use, at that point all I could do is just watch the car leave terrified and bawling my eyes out.

I went running home. I was at that point incapable of saying anything and I was saying: “Brother, car , hit , men, gone, waaaaaaaaaaaaa3”

Like maybe 15 or 20 minutes later the 2 men brough my brother back, they apparently were soooo scared that they took him to the hospital to check and see that everything was alright.

ARE THESE MEN STUPID??? Like you took my brother away you bastards. At least take me too, or let me go get my mommy. BASTARDS.

But they are good people.

So the little stubborn bugger had not a scratch on him and he was perfect thank God.

I looked at my brother and he was chewing something, I was like:

Me: What’s that in your mouth?

Brother 7aki: 3am bakol 3ilkeh ( I am chewing gum)

Me: Where did you get that from? Is that the 3ilkeh (gum) I gave you like 3 hours ago?

Borhter 7aki: yeth (he used to lisp, LOL)

Me: and I am here bawling my eyes out and I thought you were dead and through all this commotion you are still chewing the gum you were chewing when you were hit by the car? HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. You didn’t even swallow it out of terror when you were hit by the car?

Bother 7aki: La2, ma heih thakieh (zakieh ( no because it was tasty)


Oh man, my brother was such a nahfeh

And the whole lisping thing, my brother used to say, 3athr 2rooth (3ahsr 2roosh, ten piasters) We used to make sooooooo much fun of him.

My mom spent years trying to get him to stop lisping but he wouldn’t stop, he actually liked it and liked the attention.

So it was time for him to go to school, his first day of school, so my brother was very excited:

Brohter 7aki: Mama, biddi mathroofy, 2a3teeny 3athr 2rooth (mama, biddi masroofy, a3teeny 3ashr 2roosh, I want my allowance, give me 10 piasters)

Mom: Walak it’s 3ashr 2roosh, ma biddak ti7keeha sa7? (Aren’t you gonna stop lisping?)

Brother 7aki: Thu? (Shu) , I thaid 3athr 2rooth. (what? I said it right)

Mom: sigh, I don’t know what to do with this kid.

So my brother comes home from school on his first day and he runs to Mom

Bother 7aki: Mama, mama, biddi maSSary

Mom: What did you say?

Brother 7aki: 2a3teeny maSSary, biddi 3aSHr 2rooSH.

Mom: Walak batalet to2rot? HAHAHAHAHA (you stopped lisping?????)

Brother 7aki: Mahoo the kids at school made fun of me.

Can you believe that? My brother is a nahfeh 3anjad.

I have sooooooooooooo many stories about my brother, some day I might share the story of my brother and the dufda3 (frog)


11 Responses

  1. LOOOOOOOOOOOOL 3an jad he is a nahfeh..too funny

  2. It ith funny.
    How does he feel about you sharing his embarrassing moments?

  3. “Brother, car , hit , men, gone, waaaaaaaaaaaaa3″ LOOOL! ya 7aram! you cracked me up.
    And your bro with the gum loool and maSSary! lool.. hilarious. Do share the frog story!

    7amdella 3ala salamto ya rabbi 😀
    you should her my little bro lisping LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL@ his R is L and his SH is S you can imagine how funny some of the words hehehehe one time his teacher called and was so mad that he keeps on saying bad words, the poor thing is in love wish ASH from pokemon, and he was telling them that he he loves ASH an that wanna collects ASH’s cards LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!
    poor little thing

  5. I know the feeling you felt,but not quite as bad as,you must have feltt,thank GOD,your brother was fine.You are a wonderful sister.

    Thanks,for sharing this story.I’m looking forward to hearing more”boy stories”.As I happen to adore boys.

  6. Well, thank god he’s alright. And the lisping, HILARIOUS 🙂

    I have a cousin who used to lisp in a weird way and thank god he stopped doing it cuz he was about 9 years old when he stopped. He used to say (Hara) instead of (Hatha = This) and so on. Totally weird.

    By the way, it’s great to have you back 🙂

  7. great story:)

    i can relate….but i was the small brother in my story.
    when i was around 5 years old, i was playing in the park with my friends, and my brother was playing with his friends at the other end of the park…in the park there was this huge net made from ropes, with one end on the ground and the other end around 3 stories high..so i suddenly decided to climb the ladder to reach the high end of the net and when i reached the top my friends dared me to jump…i can’t remember if i intended to jump or if i slipped, i think it was a mix of both since i was hesitating heavily at the time..so i might have half-jumped or something….anyways i landed on the grass with a great *THUD*, and all the girls started screaming…my brother hurried over to me and when he saw me laying on the floor like that he started banging his fists on the floor, crying out “my brother broke his legs! he’s gonna be paralyzed forever..etc”…i was actually fine…not a scratch even, but ofcourse i kept acting that i was hurt ’cause i liked the attention.
    what’s strange is that everyone was concerned about my brother and his nervous breakdown…very little attention was headed towards me, which really pissed me off…now that i look back at the whole incident, i think it’s pretty funny…lol..

  8. HAHAHAHAHA….see, you have always been invisible to others to the extent that these people took your brother and didn’t even notice you. 😛

  9. Sam: HAHAHAHAHA. He is funny.

    Mab3oos: Hehehehe, not sure how he will feel when he reads this, LOL, since right now he is 28.5 years old.

    Batoul: I was traumatized 😦 .
    The frog story is just tooooooo funny! Will share it for sure.

    Mai: ASS???? HAHAAHA NO WAY. LOL. That is sooooooo funny! You should share your stories too.

    Crystabelle: You are most welcome 🙂 .

    Saloo7i: The weirdest lisp EVER.
    Thank you it’s good to be back!

    Greyscale: Tooooo funny! So you fall down and your brother gets all the sympathy? Something’s wrong with this picture. LOL.

    Hamza: Mabsoot inta? OK ya Hamza, invisible 2a. fata7et jroo7y, LOL. I was actually invisible.

  10. HE3 HE3 HE3 HE3


    oh man!

    You know whath’th funnier?! After a couple of those lithping converthations I wath lithp-reading the retht of your blog without knowing!!

  11. LOL KJ. Man you are funny. I was lithping too after I wrote it. LOL

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