Show “My day in Music” some love will ya!

As you all know there’s a blog that I am really passionate about where a bunch of cool bloggers ( Asoom, BamBam, Dave, Isam, That Guy, Whosane and me)   are sharing the music we like and what we are listening to.

 There is a new member who is going to be rockin’ the my day in music blog.

Sister 7aki ( She is not a nun, she is my sister) will be blogging with us so it’s exciting to have her.

So join me in welcoming NeverMind.

And go show the music blog some love, it’s lonely. It told me. LOL.


12 Responses

  1. bleh..what’s the point if it doesn’t have the feature of downloading songs? 😦

  2. hey i promise to put something up on it soon

    hey but it does … you can download any songs in the playlist by right clicking on the player.

  3. oh my bad, totally slipped my mind. welcome to sister 7aki, hope u enjoy the blog 🙂

  4. Thanks for the warm welcome sis, and bambam
    I promise I’ll contribute very very very soon
    ya3ni tomorrow.. right now i’m going to sleep zzzzzz

  5. LMAO @ “sister 7aki not a nun” hehehehe

  6. yay, 7aki Sis will get a voice!!! If I reverse ‘sister’ and ‘7aki’, i don’t get the automatic nun image :).

    I am just hopeless at waiting for things to open, but when you say it like this, who can resist?

    Hey would you ever want any Muslim-friendly Christian worship? In my head, I’ve been compiling a list of my fav inspiring music which doesn’t focus on Jesus to blog about some day, but of course, Mrs. Doesn’t Know How to Post Pics surely doesn’t know how to download songs.

  7. Kinz, what a great Idea
    from now on my name is 7aki’s Sister
    yay I’m no longer sounding like a nun

  8. ahlan be 7aki’s sister!!
    btw lemon tree is one of my fav, songs thanks for sharing

  9. Welcome aboard, which reminds me that I need to put up a post real soon.

  10. Ahlan wa sahlan.

  11. welcome sister-7aki 7aki’s sister 😀
    guys any one of you into rock? I’m looking for really noisy rock songs but with “lyrics” if you please recommend something?

  12. Hamza: Bambam already answered 🙂 . but you could get to learn about new songs and stuff.

    Bambam: OK 😀 .

    Sister: ahlan ahlan ya sis 🙂 . Nice first post, I liked it.

    KJ: LOL. Yeah.

    Kinzi: LOL Kinzi. I’d be more than happy to show you how to post a vid it is soooooooooooooooo easy once u know how.

    Tamara: Welcome to the blog!

    Dave: 😀 .

    Hareega: 😀 .

    sel3: hmmm, let me try and whip up a hard rock post for you.

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