Charlie bi’ me and that realy hur’ Charlieeee

I have not laughed soooooooo hard for AGES. This is just sooooooooo funny. You have to watch it at least twice because the second and third time I watched it I had tears streaming . HILARIOUS!

Since I am youtubing and I rarely do that here is another one that is too funny



11 Responses

    the second one ya 7aki is so funny , allah ysam7ek ana bel office 😀 LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
    fdee7a heak 😀

  2. LOL i love when kids get mad and the first one is hilarious too yslamli el briTTish accent haha. It sounds much cuter on the little ones.

  3. LOOL

    each time i saw them LOOL ,

    the cool thing the British accent 😀 ya3ni mo adran ye7ki beser3a

  4. Hey 7aki, you have been tagged please check it out

  5. OMG They’re totally hilarious !!!!

    Blood … not funny LOL

    Thanx 7aki, you made my day.

  6. he3 he3 he3 he3 he3

  7. check this out

  8. Mai: HAHAHAHA, control yourself woman!

    Batoul: The British accent made the whole clip the boy is just soooo funny!

    Qabbani: HAHAHA, yeah they talk in slow motion.

    PrincessN: Thanks for the tag, will work on it ASAP.

    Saloo7i: Yeah NOT FUNNNNNYYYYYYY, HAHAHHA, maskeen the little boy he is toooo funny.
    Glad you enjoyed them

    KJ: Will check it out when I get home

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  10. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww so cute….my kids laughed so hard at it.

  11. Sam: little 7aki walks aroud saying “blood”, HAHAHHAA. Cracks me up!

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