The Return of the Plug-in

Remember the whole dilemma with the Glade Plugin? Remember how I said it will be back?

Guess what! It’s BAAAAAAAAAAAAACK. And where? Right outside our bedroom door.



I think he does it on purpose because I am a pretty spoiled (daloo3a) (heheheh, it’s true) and he wants to get back at me for all the things I made him go through in the past 2 months, well in the past 7 years would be more accurate.

 The real question is why do I find it so funny and cute that he is sooooooo OCD. I mean another woman might have killed him already or run to the hills but I don’t, I find it so darn cute that he does all the “Freak” things he does. Seriously, CUTE!

Well OK maybe I wanted to kill him a couple of times, maybe yelled at him occasionally, but he is still SO cute.

Man I think those pregnancy hormones are A’ raging right now. OCD is Cute????? HAHAHAHAHA.

 I’m hungry, I am going to go eat a shawerma sandwich right now, yuummmmmmmmmm.


15 Responses

  1. I am OCD

    Severe case.

    Mental, severe case.

    If it ain’t symmetrical it ain’t right!

    I even suggested to sort Qwaider’s socks.


    I wonder if I will ever find someone who thinks it is cute to be OCD! Your husband is lucky!

    Now tell him to take his OCD elsewhere before his luck is to be reconsidered 😛

  2. OH Man I checked out your comment at Hani’s Blog, HAHAHAHA, 3anajd Hani needs to replace his post with your comment, CRACKED ME UP! You should go to more training man.

    As for OCD, gotta find someone so lazy that welcomes the OCD 🙂 Do not marry an OCD because war will errupt, marry someone who does not care if the kichen towel is in a certain spot or not, hehehehehe.

    No no I want him ot keep his OCD cos when he upsets me with his OCD he buys me chocolates 😀

  3. LOOOOOOOOOOL!! bs walahi el rjal masakeen 🙂
    i’m sure that maybe deep in his head “maybe she will be ok with it now” 😀
    allah y5aleekom la ba3ad

  4. hahahaha..I guess your husband knows that your husband knows you too well that he knows that you’ll find his OCD.

    you have a very very smart husband. 😛

  5. LOL! “freak” things loool…. 3njad too cute.

  6. First of all, thank you so much for your comments, it means more to me that you could ever know. Shakaraallahu Sa’ayakom, may dad R.I.P.

  7. LOL…well it’s cute that u actually find it cute :p

  8. Mai: HAHHAHA, I am sure that’s what he thought too.
    Thanks Maioush 😀 . 3obal ma yitla3lek wa7ad OCD like baba 7aki 😛

    Hamza: LOL, he knows me well.

    Batoul: HAHAHAHA. Yup, freak things, but cute freaky not go get some therapy freaky.

    Moey: Allah yir7amo.

    OA: hehehe. Thanks

  9. u r too nice 7aki…he would have been a dead meat if he was here…there were soo many things not allowed in our house when i was pregnant..i dont know who suffered more..hubby or I..

  10. sam: hehehe, well it is still banned, I unplugged it immediately.

    I think the suffering is equal in our household be it a different kind of suffering for each of us, but shhhhhhh, don’t tell him, I am using the suffering card so well, LOL.

  11. HAHAHA 7aki you are hilarious 😛

    LOL @ KJ … I symmetrically agree with you 😀

  12. I second Sam… you are waaaaaaaaaaaaay too nice. Hell, you’re pregnant with his kid. He should be giving you foot massages and begging you to give him ways to make your life easier for the next 9 months. Scratch that, the next 18 years.

  13. Hala: Hehehe, I am here to entertain.

    Tinker: Trust me tinker trust me, baba 7aki is suffering, LOL.

  14. Wow, he’s pretty persistent with that Glade thing, isn’t he? Hehehe…hilarious post!

    You reminded me of when my mom was pregnant with my little sister. She ended up throwing away my father’s perfume ’cause she couldn’t stand the smell. Thankfully it wasn’t the one he usually wears–which is a favorite. And even more thankfully, he didn’t buy another bottle.

    Inshallah you’ll be able to look upon a Glade Plug-In and say, “Ah that smells nice” instead of “Oh God…*hurl*”

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