And Then There Were Two

Monday was a very very sad sad day.

Words can’t describe the saddness I am feeling right now. Sadness and despair.

It will never be the same , life as I know it has ended and a new phase has begun.

William and I are sad to announce that Bob no longer works at the 7aki office anymore, sniff sniff, he moved on to, hopefully, sniff sniff , greener pastures.

Who is going to entertain me when I am comatose every day between 2:45 and 3:00?

Who will help me tease William? I mean now if I make fun of William it’s not funny anymore cos there’s nobody to laugh at my jokes.

Who will throw me chocolates from his cubicle almost poking my eye out?

Who am I going to make racist jokes about?

Who’s gonna hear me bitch and whine till I depress him so I feel better and also watch me get fat ?

It’s indeed a sad sad affair.

But I am committing Bob to blog about his new job and tell us how miserable he is without us and about the freaks he will have at his new job, we love to talk about freaks, hehehehe.

We will miss you buddy.

Good luck


6 Responses

  1. bob who??

  2. its always sad news when a colleague moves somewhere else. I remember being so affected by my colleague’s departure that i kept assuming that he is on leave or on mission and that I should take care of his plant in his absence

    *sniff sniff*

  3. Oh dear, this is bad. It is like Moogle dying. *eyes Moogle*

  4. your spam filter caught me again. i kill u

  5. Aw…that sucks. Good luck vibes to Bob! And he better blog about it! That would be really something…

  6. Mab3oos: Bob my co-worker. Click on category Bob or Bob says on my category cloud.

    Hamza: sniff sinff BUT LOL, nothing better than denial!

    KJ: Man my spam filter hates you!

    Hala: Yeah I am goign to pester him to blog something.

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