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Uncle Scrooge and the chewing gum

A guest post by 7aki’s sister

When I was about 8 or 9, I spent a lot of time at my grandparents, specially in the summer, I guess mama was trying to get rid of me or something :,-(

Whenever Grandpa left to work, Uncle scrooge (العم دهب) used to send me and my other uncle to go get gum and candy with our allowance, saying that he had the best idea for us to become very very rich.. so like the stupid little kids we were, we went to the store very happily and bought all the candy we could. Then he would wait till Grandma was busy with house work and made us sit on the sidewalk close to the house and SELL the stuff. This went on for about a week.. when we asked him for the money he said that he was saving it for us.. the Idiots we were!

So one Day my grandfather came back early from work and he saw me and my younger uncle selling gum and candy on the street and he went ballistic and started screaming at us “Don’t I give you enough money? Why are you doing this? Do you want us to look like beggars? Why do you want people to think that we are poor?…. etc.” at that point we were terrified and did not realize that what we were doing was wrong.. so we both started crying and told him that it was scrooge’s idea. Hearing this, Scrooge disappeared and was nowhere to be found for the whole day. By then Grandpa calmed down and only told him that it was wrong and he should never do it again.

Till this day, my mother has no idea that her own daughter sold gum and candy on the street.

Yeeeeee.. Fdee7a 😯


12 Responses

  1. lol She might know now!

    Yeah well, I had an older relative who used to give us 1 piasters in 3eed, see his claim was that the one piasters coin was actually “special” Gold, he always made sure he had a pocket full of shiny groosh to spread around the family kids.

    of course nowadays he’s much older and he calls me 3arafat instead of Ammar, I think he’s mixing up yaser arafat with abu ammar and everything in between!

  2. hahahaha..you would have made a better salesman than those indonesian kids we have down here.

    talk about child labor. 😛

  3. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL the 7aki family 3endhom osas!! ta7sheesh 😀

  4. LOL! thats kind of cute though, so innocent.

  5. Ammar: She might never know, Mama refuses to use the computer 😀
    Hamza: LOL
    Maioush: .. and we’re only telling the censored ones
    Batoul: Yeah, Innocent.. actually more like Stupid

  6. You reminded me of one time when me and some friends tried to sell stuff on the road. My mother was happy and proud of her little seller, until I started selling stuff from the house.You know stuff like a remote control, cups, and others. 😀

    And that was the end of little Jasim opening a business. 😀

  7. is that the same uncle that told 7aki and u to plant your 3idiya in the ground and you will have a money tree grow up ? i get a feeling that it is 😛

  8. LOL did u guys make much ?? uncles scrooge is hillarious…he is not the same uncle who dove under the train to get his shilin eh is he?

  9. Ya salam 3al child labor! Hahahaha!

  10. LOL.. the things that we did when we were young 🙂 but you have to say that those were happy days that will never come back..

  11. Bambam, Sam: Yup, the same uncle. LOL, nahfeh hada ilzalameh

  12. Heh heh heh…that’s so friggin’ hilarious! Man your uncle sure has a lot of stories to him. And ‘Scrooge’ is such a fitting name!

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