The 2008 Olympic Torch Extinguished

Everybody knows how having the Olympics this year in China is causing a lot of protest because of the situation in Tibet. Two weeks ago the Chinese government killed 80 Tibetans who were trying to protest the Olympics. Since then the whole world especially Tibetan expatriates have been protesting the fact that the Olympics are being held in China and are calling the whole world to boycott the Olympics. It Appears that some countries might not boycott the whole Olympics but boycott the opening ceremony.

As you know the Olympic torch is carried from ancient Olympia in Greece and all the way to China through a number of countries. Yesterday the torch was being run through London where a protester , unsuccessfully, tried to grab the torch from the runner but was tackled down by the police. Just minutes later another protester tried to extinguish the flame with a fire extinguisher but was also unsuccessful and the torch made it

Today , as I write this, they are trying to run the torch through Paris but there are hundreds of protesters that they are unable to do it, twice already they tried to run a few blocks and then they are unable to advance so they have decided to extinguish the torch and board a bus.

It seems that they are unable to beat the masses so they might just bus it all the way to the site.

The Dalai Lama tells the masses that he is not with boycotting the Olympics because the actions of the Chinese government are not indicative of the Chinese people and that the people worked hard for it and deserve it, he just hopes that the government leaves Tibet alone.

I remember back in 2001 or 2002 when the Olympic bids were being made that there was a huge campaign to stop it from happening in China because of the situation in Tibet.

This is the one of the many times the Olympics are wrought with politics, one of the times was against Russia in 1980 when 62 countries boycotted the whole Olympics which only hurt the athletes and accomplished nothing. (Quick fact: Jordan made it’s Olympic debut that year )

Do you think these protests will accomplish anything or do you think politics should be separated from the Olympics?


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  3. People are very very hypocriticial. The Olympics and World Cup (amore watched event) were previusly held in many countries that abuse human rights, why the protest?

    And the UK, they’re going to a war not supported by more than 99% of people on this planet, a war that has killed more than a 100,000 people, why are those morons protesting?

    Politicians are just pissed from any major sport event because it brings all people together, something that they never achieved and never will.

  4. I agree with Hareega. I think these events show a degree of high hypocrisy, and double sidedness.

    I mean, people and media are over playing this issue while more awful events have happened without much attention specially in Western media. As an Arab and a Palestinian i can’t help but feel that i am constantly given the short end of the stick. Recent events in Gaza, and even Iraqi casualties in Iraq are hardly reported any more, and no big fuss is generated.

    It is frustrating to see that governments and people are willing to apply moral righteousness on a selective basis. These things can’t help but make us Arabs feel as sub-human. … eft

  5. The Olympics have nothing to do with China… all this crap is hurting the Olympics itself and not the Chinese government in the end. As you mentioned, the protests have become associated with Olympics rather than government.

    When it happens next time, it will be another Olympics, another protest.

    That’s my two unintellectual cents – because I am sure this is putting China in a shitty position. But for most people, they just care about the Olympics because China is “too far away” to care about

  6. For God’s sake people! Just Go and Have Fun, Why do they make a big deal of everything? i really dont know!

  7. Peace up, people…
    Before you say a word, think what will happen if the olympics were chosen to be held on the land of ISRAEL…
    Have you thought of it this way?
    Have you got any idea what will it mean if the olympics were held in ISRAEL?
    The olympic torch is a declaration of PEACE… so having olympics held in ISRAEL is a world confession of the ISREALI state and a declaration of peace on the ISRAELI land… did u get the idea?
    Any one could understand why does is matter? And how it is NOT hypocracy to protest against the olympics?
    I say that because the 2014 winter olympics will be held in Sotchi, a circassian land that is now considered Russian…

  8. I am really torn on the subject, on one hand I think what the Chinese people are doing is unforgivable and at the other hand I believe that the Olympics is an opportunity to unite the world and to make people see beyond countries and just compete as people.

    I truly think the ban only hurts the athletes, imagine training for four years just to have your dreams crushed and have to wait another 4 years if you are lucky? I would die!

  9. Circassian, it’s different with ISrael because most Arabs do not believe ISrael should be a country, or at least not with the borders it is having. Americans and Europeans aknowledge that China is a country.

  10. Hello 7aki,

    Of course I am with protesting, it is the least to put some pressure on China and countries with bad human rights record. Hopefully this results in considering the human rights record before deciding who host future events. The feelings of athletes over not participating is nothing compared to the feelings of thousands who lost there beloved ones. Put yourself in the shoes of family members of those died in Tibet recently! And in my opinion, human rights are not politics.

    Hareega, as for comparing UK to China, I do not think there is even a comparison, unless you are biased and viewing the whole issue from the eye of one side in one conflict. It is just more complicated than that.

  11. Mr. Hareega,
    You think it is different. It is not.
    The 2014 Olympics is planned to be held in Sotchi, which is a circassian land invaded by Russia and now declared Russian.
    The whole world recognizes it as Russian.
    But we are protesting!!! We do not want the Olympics tobe held in Sotchi because letting it passing will be considered as a confession of it being Russian.

    Mrs. Blog owner,
    Politics and athelets will never be seperated. And your last idea is pure luxurious, mam 🙂
    You are paying attention to the athelets feelings of wasting their excercises. Protesters are caring for their nation’s blood shed on Chinese land, in case of China, and Circassian land, in case of Sotchi…

    Thank you sir/madam. This is the spirit we need, putting self inothers’ shoes and sympathising with their feelings 🙂

  12. If we are going to ban the Olympics in every country with a bad human rights record that would eliminate 90% of the world as being even considered to host.

    I am for protesting but not for banning. Banning has shown over and over to be infective.

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