Click to enlarge, trust me, click to enlarge.

From left to right:
Stuffed cabbage
kubbeh and samboosek
Lentil soup
Stuffed grape leaves and stuffed zucchini
MANSAF , bidddddddddddiiii mansaaaaaaaaf
Spinach pies, bidddddddddi spinach piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiies like grandma makes them

Biddi my mother in law 😦 .

I would have said biddi Mama but my mom can’t make any of these to save her life, LOOOOOOL.

No no she can make them, but my mother in law makes them better, and i am pregnant and I need PERFECTION hehehehe.

But never the less, biddi mama too, so she can itdali3ny 😦 .

PS: I LOVE wordpress, did you see how the pictures are so neat and tidy? You now can upload as many pictures as you want at the same time and load them as a gallery, LOVE IT. Otherwise this post would have taken me hours to load, hehehehe.


19 Responses

  1. I am gonna get me a steak burrito from Chipotle..Do you have it in canada? Chipotle that is..

    As for mansaf..akhhhhhh

  2. aaaaaaaalrighty then..well I think I’m gonna go put my head in the oven now..ts about time I use it!

  3. hooollyyy *drools* iza el non-pregnant are craving after the pictures, how are you feeling? damn bdiii too! is peanut gonna have a kubeh on her toe as a birth mark now?!

  4. you know..that’s just not the right post to read aftering coming back full from BBQ.

    I’ll check them again tomorrow and maybe I won’t be disgusted.

  5. walek YUM!!! 😀 sho kol had, walk hada enti 3an jad btetwa7ami 😀 LOL!

  6. sa7taaaain 😀

  7. 😦 😦 😦 ana vegetarian w drooling already!

  8. Someone’s hubby has not been making dinner this week!

  9. im making mansaf today..(for the first time ever..allah yestor) if it turns out good..i’ll send u some with the UPS guy:)

  10. Mohanned: We don’t have chipotle here but I had it when I visited my Friends in DC, YUMMY, the burritos are HUGE!!!!
    Oh, by the way, does your wife still make you mansaf all the time willa jude keeps her busy?

    Ammar: HAHAHAHAHA.

    Batoul: lol, I better go find a kubbeh no matter what!!!! I mean , who wants a kubbeh on their toe????

    Hamza: Yeah if I was full I would not like the pictures.

    Mai: Yeah man, I used to itwa7am for these before I got pregnant so now the need has tripled.

    Mo: 3ala albak 🙂 .

    VA: hehehe, tab there are a lot of vegetarian options above.

    KJ: HAHAHA, my husband??? Cook???? YOU MAKE ME LAUGH.

    Sam: ismaa3yyyyyyy, I told hubs inno we have to go to the Arabic store this weekend to get Jameed and lamb because I have to have mansaf and there is no one who is going to make it for me, so for the first time ever I will try to make it 😯 . So pray for me and the family, LOOOOOL.
    Tell me tell me how it goes, and tell me how you made it so I can learn from you, hehehehe.
    Tab ib3ateely zwwadeh 😦 . Bidddddddddddi.

  11. ummmm I think what you need is a trip to Paramount- good shawarma ..good mo3ajanat ans mana2eesh…taboole and wara2 3enab….I think i need to pay them a visit after your post…ahhh

  12. aaa bas hadool?! loool la2 mo mkatreh!

    ok i really am not into pregnancy stuff…but if a pregnant women doesnt eat something she desire..bte6la3 wa7meh 3ala el baby? or no?

  13. hahaha 7aki, so Allah yeb3atlek 7amatek is a good du3a2 in your case 😉

    Yalla, Allah eyjeeblek eyha (or eyjeblek an Arabic restaurant) o sa7teen inshallah!

  14. 7aki i got all ready to make my mansaf and realized that i have no idea how to make it! so i am asking for help…i will make it on saturday…i have people coming over…so instead of making a million things i will just make mansaf…and if it is bad we will just order pizza….hmmmmmmmm is there an arabic store in burlington??

  15. Dana: Paramount, yuuuuuuuummmmmmmm.

    Maher: LOL, yeah that’s not a lot man. 7aram peanut, it will have a restaurant wa7meh on it’s body.

    tinker: aaaaaaaameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnn.

    Sam: Hey you should ask Summer, I am sure she can help you with the recipe, email her. oh oh and if she does send you the recipe email it to me too since I have no clue how to make mansaf either, LOL.
    But if you want to make the easy version of mansaf which is Laban immo (shakrieh) go here:

    And yes, there’s a supermarket Nabeel in Burlington, not bad at all! We are going there this weekend.

  16. Yes she does 🙂 But guess what was jude’s first real food? Mansaf, she was baptised the salti way 😀

  17. بالنسبة الي بقدر احكيلك انه الكبة و السمبوسك يلي بالصورة كثير زاكيين و كمان الفتوش كان اشي ملوكي ، هدول عملتهم الحجة الله يخليلي ايها 🙂

  18. Na3ouri: HAHAHA Na3ouri, no way!!! What a small world. I didn’t even know these pictures were yours.

    Tab mish 7aram to put them on the net and make pregnant women who can’t have them crave????

    Allah yilkhalilak il 7ajjeh, and tell her , does she ship via fedex?

  19. الله يسعدك .. و ان شاء الله بتقومي بالسلامة
    انا بالنسبة لشحن مثل هيك بضاعة فأنا بعطيكي ايميل الحجة و انتي تفاهمي معها :p

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