What Makes Me Human

Princess N tagged me in what seems like 10 years ago to list 10 random weird things about me so here goes.

And oh, it’s not gonna be pretty!

1) I am afraid of the dark, especially after watching a horror movie. I have no problem with sitting in the dark, or sleeping in the dark, I am only scared when I have to move from room to room in the dark because the scary exorcist girl is going to get me. So when I am moving through the house I am lighting up the rooms as I go and then I turn off the lights and run to the next lit portion of the house, LOL.

2) I eat French toast with ketchup, yup, sometimes with mustard too. I don’t like it with syrup or powdered sugar. It’s not yucky, I mean it’s a piece of toast covered with egg and then fried, so why do people think I am gross when I tell them that? Makes no sense they feel grossed out.

(I couldn’t even insert a real pictureof a cockroach, I saw a picture on-line and my skin crawled)

3) I am deathly scared of cockroachs , like I would have a heart attack if I see one. I have no problem with mice or spiders or even snakes, I pet snakes, but put a cockroach in a room with me then I will confess to anything. Which reminds me, I have to share the story of 1:30 in the morning , me, sister 7aki and the cockroach.

4) When my glasses slip down I wiggle my nose to lift them up instead of using my hand, LOL. Try it, it’s very effective especially if your hands are busy, but try it in private, not a very attractive sight.

5) I have NEVER slipped and fell on ice, EVER. Isn’t that weird? I mean I am 32, lived in Canada for 7 years and I have yet to fall. Bizarre, and salloh 3ala ilnabi so you don’t i7sidoony. 

6) I have telephobia. It is physically painful for me if I have to make a phone call. I have no issue at work but when it comes to personal calls I cringe if I have to return a call or make a social call. I HATE IT. I have no problem picking up the phone and answering a social call, but I hate making it which gets me in trouble all the time.

7) I used to have 2 different colored eyes , one was lighter than the other, until I was 9 or 10 years old. But now I don’t anymore. Or if I still do it’s not very noticeable.

8 ) If I am getting a needle, for a blood test or a shot, I have to look at the needle going in my arm, I just have to, I stare at it. Is this normal? 

9) I am the worst person when it comes to surprises. If I buy lets say an anniversary present for hubs a bit early I can’t wait till the anniversary to give it to him, last anniversary I gave him his gift 5 days early , HAHAHHAHA. hopeless case. And if anybody gets me something and I know it’s in the house I go on a treasure hunt till I find it and take a sneak peak, that’s why my husband hides my presents at his work until the day comes.

10) I can’t make Arabic coffee to save my life, for real, I make it and it tastes like socks soaked in dirty water. I can make gourmet food but I can’t make Arabic coffee.

11) I like to eat fruit cake, hehehehe.

12) I can’t spell the word “business” EVER from the first go, yeah, I can’t, I tried and I can’t and I don’t know why this word is sooooooo hard to spell. Speaking of spelling, they say “I before E except after C” Well this is not true!!!!! “Weird” is a word with E before I and there is no C in sight. Who the hell makes these rules? BASTARDS.

So here you go , not 10, but 12 things that make me human, ummm, actually weird  😛 .

What makes you weird?




19 Responses

  1. Sis, why did you post the scary girl picture, why??????
    she scares me to death, but not as much as cockroaches do.
    oh, and i can’t spell the word business correctly to save my life either. (I actually used the spell checker to correct it)
    LOL about the Arabic coffee. I remember when you had khalo make it for you.

  2. Hi 7aki, long time no see ^v^ I’m sorry for the past couple of weeks I was really busy to comment but rest assured, I READ THEM ALL !!!
    OK, this is going to be a long one 🙂
    1-Normal except for the “run to the next lit portion of the house” part.
    2-Way to go sis. Now we’re French toast buddies 🙂
    3-I got the chills and they call me a man! I’ll ask you: is THAT normal?
    4-Totally normal and by the way don’t you hate how new glasses stick on your nose and never budge or slip? I count this as a disadvantage in the optics industry HA!
    5-Yeah I hope I slip on it just to tell the world one day that we have ice in Riyadh.
    6-I think its normal in someway. I mean you don’t know the person’s mood at that time and you don’t know if it’s the right time to call.
    7-How cute! What were their colors?
    8-Well my gentle skin won’t be damaged by a lunatic nurse now, will it?
    9-NORMAL but I tell them what to get me so no surprises no no no.
    10-WHAT and you call your self a Jordanian? Here and don’t tell anyone about that, EVER
    11-OK Yuk.
    12-Business is business. See? It’s easy.

  3. LOL, 7aki! I HAVE to say the ‘i before e’ rhyme EVERY time…just remember the next part ‘except when it says ‘a’ as in ‘neighbor’ and weigh’…and WEIRD!!! I just found out I have been spelling wierd wrong my whole life. 😛

    7aki SSSSIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISTER, I know your boss now!!! 😀

    Truly plans are on now for a ladies coffee, because I am NOT in charge of planning.

  4. ewwwwww french toast and ketchup…u r as weird as my kids! i have two different coloured eyes…they become more different as i age…one gets lighter and the other gets darker..

  5. hehe, i share the fear of cockroaches, i just cant comprehend how fast they move or whats their purpose on this planet yukkkkk, i can leave the house if i saw one and i need someone to keep the room that i found the cockroach in in check for the next week!

    there is no way i can look at a needle when its first injected because it remindes me of a time i cut my hand

  6. Sister; HAHAHAHAHA She scares you tooooooo.
    Well I think I am scared of all of them because of you if you are scared of them too, good I will blame you now 😛 .

    Saloo7y: lol at the link. So you eat French toast with ketchup???? COOOOOOOOL
    My eyes are green so one was lighter green than the other.
    Loved your comment.
    Good to see you back!

    Kinzi: hehehehe, I swear kinzi if it was not for spell check I would be a disaster. Or come think of it most probably I would spell better.

    Sam: hehehehe. I never grew out of this one.
    Wow nice , so what color are your eyes?

    Tala: THEY ARE FAST AND THEY FLY AND THEY DON’T DIE. What more can I say? And the cockroaches in North America don’t fly, at least you won’t be worried one would fly right in your face. GROSS. And I have not seen a cockroach here yet, only at the zoo, I LOVE CANADA.

  7. omg, Im horrible with horror movies!! lool I try to make the sound lag from the picture so I know what to expect because the noise makes it SCARIER! french toast GROSS 7aki! lol 3 made me laugh alot LOOOL ok guilty, I do it. wo I do make sure nobody is around hahahahaha omg! and you look at the needle? *faints* i work at a hospital! lol I still cant do it ew ew.

  8. sis.. i think we both got it from mama… remember how she refuses to watch any horror movies? LOL.. but am not afraid of the dark like you.. only if it’s combined with strange noises.. scary8o
    kinz.. yay.. so my boss is planning the coffee now?

  9. I too hate roaches and despise making phone calls.

    God bless SMS 😀

  10. 7aki’s Sis: No, MommaBean and Salam…but you’re on the list, habeeti 🙂 I’m all vision, no admin.

  11. ppl get grossed when i tell them i only eat scrambled eggs with ketchup! so i totally understand the french toast with ketchup bit, its fried eggs!

    the needle part is a no no for me, if i look at it i will faint. i can look at the blood, but the inserting part wala yumken, i always look away..

    and oh me too me too! i actually still have one eye greener than the other 😀


  12. Batoul: LOL Batoul.

    Sister: Deep down inside you are afraid of the dark.

    KJ: God bless it indeed.

    VA: EXACTLY!!!! It’s fried eggs so what the big deal?

  13. GAH!

    7aki!!!! Did you have to put the Exorcist girl’s face? She freaks me out. I almost didn’t read your post because of her! *Shudders*

    I hate cockroaches too. With a passion. I don’t freak out, but they disgust me. Give me any other insect or rodent, but not cockroaches. Can’t stand them. The little ones are okay. I can squash those easily. But the big fat ones? With WINGS?! Spare me….

  14. diff eye colors… ? for real? i never heard of this before! :s

  15. hey ‘7altoo 7akee wassup:)

    I liked this tag so natural:)

    about point 12 dont worry I have the same problems with the word buissenues I think I spell it wrong every time..so its okay shit happens.enjoy spelling it wrong as much as u can …. .

  16. better late than never 🙂
    I hate cockroachs too, but snakes ??!! really ??!!
    I hate needles, looking at someone getting a shot on TV makes me faint !!!
    and about the coffee, i have no idea how its done either, but i have to admit that the only thing that i can do in the kitchen is tea (put the tea bag in hot water and voila)!!! I dont know how to cook and i hate it 🙂
    i hope you enjoyed it 🙂

  17. my favorite thing about this post is that u found a pic for the nose wiggling part

  18. Hala: HAHAHAHA, she freaks you out toooooo?

    Maher: Yeah, some people have even completely different eye colors not just shades lighter.

    Tiger: NIMER????????????????? Wainak hal ghaibeh ya zalameh? nawar il blog.
    Yeah toz 3ala il spelling

    Princess N: That’s what I always say, better late than never 🙂 . And yes I did enjoy it.

    Mo: And it wasn’t easy, I was looking specifically for bewitched and for the life of me none of her pics she was wiggling her nose, then I lucked out and found this one

  19. We have #1 and #10 in common.

    I imagine things in the dark especially after watching a scary movie. One good therapeutic method is to watch The Exorcist over and over and over and over-after a while it gets to be pretty funny and she’ll no longer scare you. Some of those scenes are pretty comedic.

    I still haven’t figured out how to get over Jason though.

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