Please don’t end … Please don’t end …PLEAAAAAAAASE

Have you ever read a book that was sooooooo good you couldn’t stop reading but you didn’t want to keep reading because you are worried it’s going to end?

This is how I felt while I was reading the book Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet . I absolulty LOVED it. all 950+ pages of it.

A page turner, I read it on the train, when I woke up, before I went to bed , at lunch time and even on the weekend.

It is a novel that occurs in the eleven hundereds which evolved around building a cathedral.

What I loved about this novel is the fact that every single good person in the book has plenty of faults but they were still able to be good and do good and overcome evil while the bad characters in the book were so bad that they never had an ounce of commpasion in their soul.

Full of defeats and tiumphs for both good and bad but who wins at the end? You have to read it to find out.

Currently reading: Sophie’s world: A Novel about the history of Philosophy by Jostein Gaarder


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  1. Well, I read Pillars of the Earth some time ago and I have to say it was quite good while I was reading it. But I couldn’t read it a second time, it would bore me to death.
    Sophie’s world on the other hand is a book one should read at least twice 🙂

  2. I thought you would start reading Coma by Alex Garland. This is the upteenth time you guys ignore my plea.

    Anyway it is your call. You’re missing out on a lot (depends on how much you understand from the book).

    You know you don’t have to buy it you can finish it in one sitting in the library 😛 eft 3al bokhol

  3. you traitor… you said you will tell me when you’ll start reading it so we could do it together… 😛
    anyways, i just started reading Sophie’s world too.. what a coincidence!

  4. You read a 1000-page novel about the 12th-century! Good for you!

  5. You read it already!!!!! Announcing this book is the last book club book to read was on my list of things to do, my fault though-I’ve been too distracted and reading the same 300 pg book for like the past month now!

    I felt the same way when I read I know This Much is True by Wally Lamb which was also like a 900+pg book. I never wanted it to end and would intentionally slow down my pace.

    Thanks for the review! When school starts I’m probably going to cut out liesure reading which means the next book (or 2 or 3) I read better be really good….maybe I’ll read this one.

  6. I’m looking forward to see your reviews about Sophie’s World. It’s one of my favorites.

  7. Will definatly be my next read :).

  8. oh how cool. I feel bad for not starting reading it in the book club soon. But I guess all of us are getting either lazy or busy in our lives.

    I hope I’ll be back soon..thanks for the review

  9. Simon: I agree, you really can’t read it again since you know all that’s happened.
    Sophie’s world seems intense.

    KJ: LOL. Rawe2 ya zalameh. I had the pillars book and Sophie’s world sitting on my shelves for ever and I needed to read them before I ordered more books.
    But I will read it I promise. I think the book club is a bit on hold because Asoom and Hamza are so busy and the pillars book would have been done in 3 months at the rate Hamza reads. Hehehhe.

    Sister: sorry sis. I just grabbed it and started reading and I couldn’t stop…hehehehe.
    But HEEEEEEEY you are reading the same book too?? Coooooool. Maybe we will do a dual review from 7aki and 7aki’s sister. As soon as you finish it write up something about it and send it to me and I will post it on za blog.

    Hareega: Better than reading 2000 page medical books 😛 .
    But for real Hareega, it’s a good read, if you ever get the chance or the time you should read it 🙂 .

    Asoom: Sorry Asoom to have started it without you guys. I started it intending on stopping after a bit and reading something else but I couldn’t, it was soooo good.
    You and Hamza still should read it together and post what you thought and then after you guys finish it we can pick up the book club again 😀 .

    Batoul: And I am looking forward to posting it!

    The observer: You will love it, it’s full of right versus wrong and good versus evil.

    Hamza: Sorry Hamza, I didn’t mean to betray you guys, it was there staring at me for the past 2 months and I had to read it, hehe. You and Asoom should still read it together. She seems busy so you guys should have the same pace, so go for it and tell me what you think and then we will pick up the book club from there.

  10. I searched for it in Ahleyye abella, the good bookshop and books@cafe! All say they are run of copies till next week :S! I bought another book for now, it is in arabic Out of the body by afaf al batayneh, hope it is good 🙂

  11. Let me know what you think of the book you bought

  12. Hey observer, I’ll be glad to lend you my copy.. let me know

  13. 7aki fadi, I will. It is okay so far. I felt like I am reading a book for Nawal Al Sadawi. The very same events of women opression but I think of a local Jordanian nature. Nothing new so far.

    7aki’s sister, thank you :). I really appreciate this. How can I get it? 🙂 Would you pass by to licky licious ice cream at rainbow street? I ll be there tmr afternoon after 6. (You ll get to taste my ice cream :))

  14. Observer:
    Hmmm, Ice cream…. would love to.
    but can’t make it on Monday or Tuesday, how about Wed.. will you be there then?

  15. 7aki’s sitster, cool, what about thursday? :). I ll be there at 8.

  16. LOL… Thursday no good.. Going to the Rum Concert
    Friday – Sat no good either going to Wadi Dana
    How about you get my number from 7aki and call me to set a time

  17. Yeeeeey! What a bad luck!

    7aki, send me your sister’s number please 🙂

  18. LOL you two. I will try and remember. hehehe.

    And sister, you gonna go get some icecream 😦 without me 😦 .

  19. LOL
    yeah.. ice cream yummy 😛

  20. I am about to finish the book! It took me sooooooo long! While it is enjoyable, I am wondering if I did spend all this time of something that doesnt worh it?

    What strikes me the most is how the writer kills the characters this abtrupt!! This is an older post, so I am going to write a spoiler because people wont read it.

    I was so shocked when Tom was killed. I felt so attached to the character and was in denial for sometime as I kept on reading! It felt like someone I knew in real life was killed!

    Did you feel the same?

  21. Ah, and 7aki, your sister is so sweet :). Say hi to her.

  22. Observer: I loved the book, I was completely involved in it and like you developed an attachment to the characters.

    Why do you think it’s not worth it ?

    By the way, a sequel to this book just came out ! It’s called “A world without end”.

    Will say hi to Sis 😀

  23. Maybe because it is very long and have no much facts inserted into it. But it does give a good impression of life in that era which is a good thing.

    Are you as cute as your sis? 🙂

  24. No I’m cuter. LOOOOOL .

  25. […] Without End Posted on April 1, 2010 by 7aki Fadi World Without End is a sequel of The Pillars of the Earth. A book rich in history, social issues and religion with architecture sprinkled on […]

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