The Michael Jackson Dance

Check this out.  Soooooo funny. The audiance goes WILD.

I love “Britain’s got talent”. It’s were I first heard of Paul Potts, you should DEFINITELY check the link out, he is soooo good he sends shivers down my spine.



13 Responses

  1. Priceless!

  2. It is all about the British accent. I just love their accent.
    “That was bloody brilliant”. It was quite a performance.

  3. WOW!! this is awesome! A mix for Billiejean, Ice Ice Baby! Then they threw in a Daler Mehndi
    dance! This is awesome on so many levels!!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. LMAO
    the first time I ever see Simon smile

  5. now thats brilliant

  6. Bloody bastards! totally kicked.

  7. Isnt he awesome?!
    Maher shared this like 2 days ago or else I would have never seen it lol

  8. You refused to comment on my first Arabic post and hence I will refrain from commenting on your posts until you fulfill your duty

    This comment exempted 😛

  9. 3an jad bloody brilliant!

  10. Thanks! This video was so funny that I’ve decided to put it on our Play 99.6 website… 😀 make our listeners laugh!

  11. Glad you all liked it 😀 .

    KJ: LOOOOOOOL. Man it was in Arabic and it required a lot of concentration. So I haven’t read it YET 😯 . On my way to read and comment. And OMG it’s your first Arabic post!!!!! I forgot that you are Arabic challenged. Khalas I am going to read it straight away.

  12. Given the time interval between you posting your comment here and posting your comment on my blog, you skipped reading the Arabic and commented as you deduced from people’s replies.

    But it’s ok. No hard feelings.

    *stitches voodoo doll*

    None at all 😀

  13. HAHAAHA. Walak wallahy I read it. it was all qoronfol and stuff and you sited her songs.

    Now I feel like I read it for NOTHING since you are still voodoing me 😛

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