Some things that piss me off

When are they going to add the word blog and blogger to the dictionary? I am sick of it getting underlined via spell check EVERY TIME.

Since I am talking about things that piss me off, you know what else pisses me off? Crazy eyebrows, like WTF happened to some girls eyebrows? They pluck them and pluck them until they have crazy eyebrows, like GIRLS, don’t you have a mirror? Stop plucking already!!!

This is how you do it properly:



18 Responses

  1. lol !
    they if Beyonce was able to get a word into the dictionary then bloggers of the world shud do sth about it !
    and u r damn right about those crazy eyebrows ! some girls look like they have no eyebrows at all !

  2. LOL, 7aki, back with vengeance with that 2nd trimester spunk!!

    I agree about the dictionary, shu malhum?

  3. yee don’t remind me of my eyebrows. the salon girl who does mine inno decided to get married and her damn husband doesn’t want her working anymore, so last time another girl did them, and i swear i must’ve said I DON’T WANT THEM THIN at least 5 times. i think i made her cry though. HAHA.

  4. Lost: Wallah? Don’t tell me bootydelicious . They got THAT in there before blog? Tu2 tu2 tu2.
    You know what i hate the most? People on TV with crazy eyebrows. Plucking should be BANNED.

    Kinzi: yeah, shu malhum???? Maybe we should write a petition.

    Farah: Well let her cry, she deserves it. Tab did your eyebrows grow yet willa you have crazy eyebrows? LOOOOOOOL

  5. ya salam 3aleiki ya 7aki….I don’t want my sister or gf to read this post. otherwise, I’d see her with a ruler drawing lines all over her eyes.

    the thought about it is just…..AAAH

    you crazy

  6. Welcome to my world!

  7. I tried to explain this diaghram to the spanish lady that does my eyebrows so many hopeless times :/ I found a lebanese lady that could understand me if not in english, in arabic. And whats with plucking ALL eyebrows off and tattooing? heh. gross.
    lol @ blog/blogger, I wish we could “add words”.

  8. looooool @ the digram

    u canot do the diagram on our eye brows very diff

    beside not all ppl huv the same shape of eyebrows but I totally agree wiz u about plucking the whole eyebrow thing

  9. Hamza: Hamza, they are imaginary lines.
    And you have a girlfriend?????? Cooooool 😀 . Akheran barken itjawazet soon.

    Mab3oos: Welcome to your world? You pluck your eyebrows? LOL.

    Batoul: Did you know that there is this salon that makes a template with the right measurements that you can use to shape and color the eyebrows? I saw it on Oprah, pretty cool.
    Shave and Tattoo is the UGLIEST thing EVER

    Ma 3lina: no no it’s just the concept of the eyebrow should NEVER be shorter than where the eye ends and the arch should always be where the iris is regardless of how your eyebrows look. It works 😀 .

  10. 7aki – don’t stress on the gf part. what I really meant is “what if”…:P

  11. You can add the blogger word to the browser’s dictionary.

    No comment on the eye brows.

  12. hamza has a girlfriend hamza has a girlfriend

    oh.. wait..

    does this mean that now I am the only single guy in the group?!

    I am ruined!

  13. Hamza: khalisna 3ad bala takhweet.
    Hamza and his girlfriend sitting on a tree K.I.S.S.I.N.G
    Ok I need to grow up

    KJ: Well Asoom is single too , oh I forgot, you had a rough divorce. LOOOOOL

  14. Did you SEEEEE how many bags she came out with from GAP? No way Jose that I marry such a squandering woman!

  15. LOL @ KJ…it was Asoom’s dad that bought all that not her…so there goes your excuse…
    7aki i hate eyebrows…i wish we were eyebrow less…life would so much easier! but nothing beats that totooed eye brow..OMG sick sick sick…no offence to anyone…my favourite person (hubbys uncles wife) had her done..i still love her..but gosh the eyebrows look yikkeys..

  16. looool I just wanted to add my laugh to the list of comments. whats wrong with you people? single gf K.I.S.S.I.N.G divorced spend-thirft haha

  17. sam – that is even WORSE! Now every time I have to visit my in laws I have to purchase merchandise for a village!

  18. I want mine baaaaaaaack! I’m tired of drawing them on,hehehe.

    And how do you think any future hubby of mine would like to wake up with me half eyebrow less?

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