What not to say to a pregnant woman. Heck ANY WOMAN.

Friend who happens to be MALE who I haven’t seen for 2 months and who does not know I am pregnant and only after 5 minutes from meeting me: So 7aki, did you gain weight? You look plump

7aki: 😯 .

Friend: What?

7aki: Well yes I gained weight, I am pregnant.

Friend: 😯 . OMG congratulations.

7aki after like 5 minutes: So the whole you gained weight comment, you lucked out that I am pregnant otherwise I would have kicked your ass for saying it. Like DUDE, what were you thinking asking a woman if she gained weight???





19 Responses

  1. LOL!
    Your friend sucks with the ladies !
    And though late , Mabrook on the pregnancy 🙂

  2. hehe don’t be upset, I usually ask first “are you pregnant” and when the lady answers “no” I say “oops”,
    totally non-intentional.
    anyway if you need maternity clothing let me know i have an extra pair of jeans

  3. Lost within: Thanks!!!!! 😀 .


    That’s how much i laughed when I read your comment. Man I LOVE your sense of humour. Tab what are the pants size?

  4. 7aki, 3anjad these guys never learn. Canadian men are as dense as Americans?

    Hareega must be in training for a new Axis of Evil team, Man, you are RARE shickle funny these days!

  5. Kinzi: Hareega always causes me to spit my drinks all over the place, LOOOOOL

  6. well..I do that to girls too…but only if I wanna piss them off intentionally…

    especially those girls that ask me “why do you go red when you blush?”

    *in ur face my female colleagues*

  7. looool hamza blushes! ok sorry =X
    The first 4 months suck until people officially know its a pregnancy. and I love that you use “sheesh”

  8. Good thing you didn’t take all the hormons out on him…

  9. Hamza: HAHAHAHA. Now you said that you blush and check out Batoul making fun of you, LOL.

    Batoul: I know, the first 4 months you just look fat .

    Ola: Yeah I was’nt hungry and I was in a good mood or it would have been ugly, LOL.

  10. hahahaha what was he thinking? a friend of mine just recently found out she was pregnant, and another friend (male of course) didn’t know, and what does he say to her? “You know, you should lose some weight before you decide get pregnant…” Men…

  11. LoooooooooooooL

    yama 7aki la banat they gained weight. I also name the body parts as well as give metaphors and names. For instance “your ass is big enough I firmly believe the portal of the alien invasion will start from there”

    And the sort 😛

    Mocking goes two ways you know! You make fun of me being anorexic, you better be able to take it in!

  12. dipty: HAHAHAHHHA. OUCH. Now THAT hurts.

    KJ: Go eat a burger 😛

  13. Go eat a bar of soap or whatever you pregnant women btetwa7amo 3alei 😛

  14. *LOOOOL* 3an jad sho ahbal…

  15. LOOOOL gooo 7aki!! i’ve been telling him to stop being a stick figure, its really not the trend for men but he insists :sigH: 3amood kahraba, 3asayeh, 6e2e, uhhhh….ok enough 😀 Hi, moogle. lol

  16. 7aki and Batoul, you two better have a very, very high resistence to voodoo

  17. A few of my buddies and I were hanging out and saw an old friend we hadn’t seen in a while – with his wife. She was looking a little heavier than usual but nothin major. Anyway, one of my doofus friends walks up, pats her belly, gives him a high five and says “alright!!!”. After a long awkward silence, she turns to him and says “no, i’m not pregnant a$$hole, i just gained weight”. Needless to say, it was a much longer while before i saw them again.

  18. aish ya batta nas7aneh 😉
    tab shu 2osset il pregnancy spread around the blogger chicks, sam and u…bringing new blogger generations to this cruel world.

    with all that negativity put aside….Mabrook 7aki 🙂

  19. KJ: 3am batwa7am 3ala yogurt 😛 .

    Sam: 7mar b3eed 3annek, LOL .

    Batoul: I told him to go eat a burger. Ma bisma3.

    KJ: Voodoo shmoodoo. Walak go eat something, LOL.

    Neutron: OUCH! Welcome to the blog and the blogging world 😀 .

    Mr. Anon: Allah yibarek feek, thanks.
    I think pregnancy is contagious, that’s why sam got pregnant.

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