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Name the Baby

 On Monday the 7aki family went for an ultrasound appointment and we saw peanut.

Peanut right now is 15 cm long and appears to be 19 weeks old, awwwwwwwwwwwww.

And we saw the little toes and the little fingers, and peanut has a stomach and is swallowing and has a bladder and is peeing, Awwwwwwwwwwwww.

And we saw the heart beating . A tiny little heart. Awwwwwwwwwww.

Peanut is really REALLY CUTE… And I am already in love : dreamy eyes:

I need your guys’s help, I need you to help me with baby names so please suggest your favorite names boys and girls.

1) Has to have a meaning
2) Has to be English friendly, so it should be easy to spell and not a lot 2a’s, 7a’s, kha’s, 3ain’s …etc etc
3) Should be unique

So show me what you got .

And also what do you think we are having? A boy or a girl? Cos yeah, I forgot to tell you, we know 😀 .


44 Responses

  1. If it is a boy name him Farhood (it fits all your conditions)

    For a girl, I would choose zaina(h). Just because I miss zainah o na77ool.

    And yeah, it IS a boy.

  2. Why don’t you stick with peanut? It’s new, original and works for girls and boys.

  3. if its a boy, name him saif or basel

    if its a girl, name her tamara or lana.

    Wait a sec..why don’t you pick a name that’s related to or somehow match little 7aki..

    hmmm…maybe its time to disclose the real name of little 7aki 😛

  4. It’s a boooooooy 😀
    Malik or Yaseen 🙂
    I never knew choosing a name is that hard! It really is…Good luck 😀

  5. Definitely she is a girl
    call her hareeja,,, OR Nafiseh

  6. Knowing the sex is important, at least before deciding on cicrumcision

    Anyway if the first thing your little kid is doing is eating and peeing then he’s probably a male.

    If he’s a boy call him Faris, that’s an incredibly awesome name.
    If a girl call her Tahani, but again be sure of the sex first. I know a guy called Tahani and he’s not very happy with his name.

  7. I have a feeling it’s a boy!

    My personal favorite names: Layan, Layth, Layla, Reyna, Rayan, Iyas, Ghayth, Qays.

    Yeah.. I have a thing for “y” 🙂 It makes a word slip so smoothly.

  8. by the way that person who commented before me, no relation. And it’s Raheejeh dumbass nor Hareejeh.
    (7aki- raheejeh would also be great, it’s english-friendly, super-unique and has a meaning-not a great one, but a meaning)

  9. oops i didn’t mean Roba i meant the one who commmented before my first comment

  10. awwww, this is a really cute post 🙂

    how about Sufyan or Zeinab?

  11. oooooow ooww, or Fatima (love u mom!!!)

  12. Oh that is so cute!! 🙂
    Jad mabrook 7aki
    List of names (English friendly)
    Radi (this one is awesome, it become Raddy)
    Rayan (Arabic/English)
    Younis (Eyounis)
    Leonidas (This is SPARTAAAAA!)

    Maya (Pretty, I heart this name!)
    Hope these help 🙂

  13. Awww motherly love…what are you gonna do when he starts yawning and crying.
    I have a feeling its a boy, so I will only list boys names. I like: Rayan,
    Rakan (not sure what it means thu)
    – -i really have a long list

  14. sorry no help here…i have been thinking of names…but i dont want to start really thinking until i know the sex…r u going to find out…did u do those ips or whatever tests? i know some people dont do them..but i like to know that everything is ok…when r u due?? i never got that part…19wks wow..that is long…it seems like just few weeks ago u said u were pregnant…

  15. ولكم يا بقر it is called GENDER not sex!

  16. owwwww… cute… scan the sono and send it to me.. yalla..
    name for a girl: Jude, Salma… for a boy.. Sami, Kareem, Nadeem, Hashem, Karam or Fusto2 Fadi

  17. Aaawwww….. how cute!!! Congratulations again….. I have a feeling is a boy too, but I can’t think of any boy’s names, sooo the girl’s name I love is Amar….. and it actually means something in two languages….. It means moon in arabic, and it means to love in Spanish… isn’t it nice? hehehe

  18. lol one more time, AWWWWWWWWW
    Everything has been suggested, too many options for you… bkafi.

  19. Names?? Hmmm if a girl Mai 😀 😀 😀 Beyatek maho 7elo?? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!
    and if a boy Adam 🙂 i just love this name for a boy ::heart:: 🙂
    t2oomi bel salameh enno you are 18 weeks already? smalla 😀 time passes by quickly! 🙂

  20. Congratulations! I think Fadi/Fadia would go well :P. He/She would love their mommy’s blog 🙂

    7aki’s sister, I brought the pillars of earth, but didnt start reading it yet :). Yalla come to LL, I will be there tonight.

  21. She is a girl, I know it.
    my favorite is Shaza شذى
    if I’m wrong, then name him Karam

    BTW, very nice post

  22. 7aki! Alf mabrook! this is brilliant news for a change!

    I wanted to suggest some names but they’re all in Qwaiders’! Grrr!

    But Jude for a boy is SO cool!

  23. How about Kinan 😀

    it means “red velvet cloak”

    royalty indeed! (or in my case, an OCD-clean high-class posh superhero suit)

    for girls, try “lilas” (leelaas). english friendly “lilah”

    Qwiader 7attam el arqam el qiyasiyyeh with the names list. You think he is mentioning all his illegitimate children on this post? 😛

    I hope Hani Obaid is reading this because one of the boys is the illegitimate child from me and Qwaider. TAKE THAT HANI FOR TAKING QWAIDER AWAY FROM ME!


  25. Peanut is a boy! u just need to photo shoot him while he’s off guard, and a giant tool will come up in the picture!

  26. if its a boy .. malik or nimir 😀

    if its a girl .. mais or maryam 😀

  27. i forgot one boy’s name .. fahad 😀

  28. one more … layla … ok im done 😀

  29. if its a girl – randala / jana

    if its a boy – saraid (means freedom) / Aden (means the firey one) / Alesar (lion) / simal (boy or girl) means perfection or finally Aaron (haroun)

  30. So OK guys we have:

    7 said it’s a boy
    2 said it’s a girl
    13 didn’t guess ( spoil sports 😛 )

    Mab3oos: Let me think about farhood for a second … hmmm. NO . LOL

    Farah: HAHAHA. Well Kurt Cobain called his daughter bean so why shouldn’t I do the same?

    Hamza: Saif, sounds like “we wish you a safe trup” Basel sounds like a herb
    I like Tamara.

    Nido: So how are you with the name picking? Do you know what you want to call your daughter to be?

    Hareejeh: Is that even a name? Lol.

    Hareega: HAHAHAHA.
    Ferris wheel? I don’t think so, LOL.
    OMG I know a guy called tahani too, like what were the parents thinking?

    Roba: I love Qays but it’s Taken 😦 . Another english spelling for Qays is Kyse. Makes it easier 😀 .

    Hareega: I thought it was you at first. Hehehehe. What does Raheejeh mean?

    Neutron: I like Fatima 🙂 . Very cool name. Say hi to your mom 😀 .

    Qwaider: Did you like copy the baby name dictionary in here? Lol .

    Dana: I like Sami. Adam is too used here , every Arab boy is called adam. I love Zaid, I would spell it Zade though, and the baba doesn’t like it .

    Sam: I did go for the test. Like you I like to be ready if la sama7alla there is something wrong.
    I am due in first week of October, not sure when exactly but I think it might be Oct 7th.

    Sister: HAHAHA fusto2 Fadi.
    I love Jude, try and convince baba 7aki to use it 😦 .

    Davagy: Amar is cute. But sounds like Ammar in English, they will think she’s a boy if I call her Amar 🙂 .

    Batoul: hehehehe. Thanks.

    Mai: HAHAHAHA. Thanks Ya Mai.

    Observer: Yeah peanut will think the blog is dedicated for him/her . hehehehe.

    Ahmad: I LOVE Karam. Nice name.
    Zaman 3annak ya a7med 🙂 .

    Who-sane: Yeah Qwaider wanted to make sure nobody beats him even when naming kids, LOOOOL.
    OMG Jude for a boy is GREAT. Didn’t think of it!
    Tab when will YOU have a baby, yalla man, we want a little whosane.

    KJ: OK let me get this straight, you are declaring that you have a man crush on Hani and Qwaider? And on my blog? LOL you are NUTS.

    Mr. Anon: 🙂 .

    HAHAHA are you sure you are done? If you get more ideas come again.

    Inmotion: Jana is sooooo nice.

  31. I think raheejeh is a name of a women in Jordan who used to give too much love to men for money in Jordan loooong time ago.

  32. ok good cuz to be honest i do have more ideas …




  33. Hmmmm ok “English-friendly” AND unique is a difficult one to come by, there are only a few english friendly arabic names and the western arabs have sucessfully overused them.

    Mabroook 🙂

  34. ok tell us what the baby is already…gosh u r so annoying….

  35. على خير و سلامة ان شاء الله


    و بالنسبة لاسماء البنات بسأل ام حلا و برجعلك :p

  36. Sam: HAHAHAHA. no no I want to keep it a surprise 😀 .

    Na3ouri: I will be waiting on the wife’s answer :p

  37. ok.. ok… how about Jenna , or Genna for a girl? goes both Arabic & English
    for i boy Jad not sure what it means but sounds nice

  38. I’m expecting a baby girl in a couple of months period and inshallah i will name her Bana, it is english friendly, unique, and really cute and meaningful in Arabic…الفتاه الرقيقة الناعمة كغصن البان
    More detailed meaning واحدة البَان : وهو شجر ليِّن معتدل القوام ورقه كورق الصفصاف ، زهره أبيض، تُستخرج منه العطور ، ونظراً لاستقامة شجرة البان واستواء أفنانها وطولها شبَّه الشعراء المرأة بها .

  39. Awwwww. Inshallah your wife delivers safely. Bana is such a beautiful name :).

  40. I like the names (for girls)

    Lua (means Moon in Portuguese)


    Marisa (one of my favorite singers Marisa Monte from Brasil)

    …in case you didn’t notice I’m reading your blog here in South America

  41. Very nice names!

    Welcome to my blog 😀 .

  42. Hi…congrats!!
    Delivery day is so exciting…a “bit” painful…but exciting.

    I think we have every name in our family….lots of cousins.

    I really like Denana and Dania, Dana is nice too its means big pearl. Jumana..we have that too and that means small pearl.
    Ameera is easy Noor. I guess thats enough for girls.

    Now boys. My fave names Malik, Omar, Yusuf (joseph if you want in english). Rayan is easy.

    Hope this helps. Good luck!
    Oh and I think its a little princess!

  43. Sorry **Deana**

  44. Mommy of 2: Thanks for the names and welcome to the blog!

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