The Attack of The Plug-in


I think the plug-in series is going to be the equivalent of a star wars series. There were six of them so what do you call that? a six-ology?

Read this and this for some background information on the subject.

3 weeks ago plug-in sighting: MY BATHROOM. The place where I go the SECOND I wake up. LIKE DUDE. Like SERIOUSLY.

So I unplug it and put it somewhere.

Another sighting 2 weeks after that: The hallway right outside of my bedroom. Sigh.

 So you guessed it, I unpulg it AGAIN…. BUT wait till you see what I did next 😀 ….

The plug-in current resting place: Hiding under the bed in the guest bedroom. HAHAHAHAH he’ll never find it now. Rest in peace plug-in. 

Oh shoot, what if he reads this post???? OK I will go hide it somewhere else.

Total number of times I had to unplug the plug-in so far: 5. Did you read that people? FIVE.

Oh the trials and tribulation’s of being pregnant.


7 Responses

  1. i HEART sponge bob ….and his dreamy eyessss
    tell baba 7ake there ARE other glade products beside the plug-ins like candles and the compact spray tingy..
    my advise get little 7aki on her side…she motivated baba 7aki to quit smoking after all

  2. Unplug your husband 😛 or throw that thing away already!

  3. u r just too nice 7aki..if it was here the plug and hubby would have been gone a long time ago…

  4. lool whats with baba 7aki and the plug in? sheesh.

  5. I already imagine the rest of the series where baba 7aki & little 7aki conspire against you.

    Can’t wait to hear more

  6. you should give him one for his birthday. that’ll teach him …

  7. Dana: He is just absent minded. For example, no matter how many times i tell him that I hate a certain kind of food, he still brings it to me as a treat. LOL.

    KJ: lol. I will unplug you 😛

    Sam: HAHAHAHA.

    Batoul: Sheesh indeed.

    Hamza: Yeah add another little 7aki to the mix and I am toast.

    Neutron: This is most probably the BEST advise I have gotten on the subject. I will give him one on fathers day .LOL

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