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The Ugliest Thing I Have EVER Seen

OH MY GOD this is THE ugliest hat I have EVER seen. I mean Sarah Jessica Parker is already ugly but now she sprouted this monstrosity on her head.

Why oh why ????

I think I should refrain from sleeping tonight just in case her hat haunts me in my dreams.

And also is she even able to move her head? I would not want to sit behind her watching a movie and IN CANNES London.

Update: It is not photoshopped. Here’s the source.


22 Responses

  1. OMG I still can’t get over how ugly it is. LOOOOOL

  2. She is the queen of fashion crimes paired with the greatest shoes…

  3. Tab Dana one question. How did she pin it to her head? Like how does it stay up there?

  4. 3omrek sme3te el nas be2olo be 3amman ‘ 7ata law yetla3 mn raso shajara’ maybe this grow out of her head too

    I just noticed the bottom half of the ‘hat’ looks like a mushroom

  5. well first things first..I think from now on, we should stop referring to her as “her” but more as “it”.

    I dunno if other ppl agree but I see “it” as a walking tree.

    LOL…I am trying to imagine how will she walk with this

  6. Unfortunately, I have to agree with you this time.

    Just kidding, but I do agree with you. It is beyond ugly and stupid. I wish to see her in a windy day wearing this thing.

  7. MAybe she didn’t get a chance to look in the mirror before she left the house…

  8. the hat looks so photoshopped!

  9. that’s actually in london not in canne.

  10. Yep doesn’t look good, if I were with here over there I’d tell her to immediately take off all of her clothes.

    The plant over her head seems to be well fixed. It looks like the roots have deeply penetrated through her empty and attached firmly on her blocked sinuses

  11. sarah has been always ugly, even without جزيرة الفواكة on her head. I am surprised you guys just noticed.

  12. :S

    Am I the only one who thinks it is so cute….

    *Moogle is hungry, wants to eat flowers*

  13. what was she thinking!

  14. il soora tarkeeb.

  15. Dana: LOL. Actually the base of her hat is the top of a pine nut.

    Hamza: beats me man. The thing is I saw her on TV with it and I was like what the hell is this thing on her head. LOL.

    FM: Finally we agree on something. Hehehehe.

    Midevilmind: I think she had it professionally mounted on her head so she paid someone to do it. LOL.

    Moey: Check out the update. The funny thing is it is soooo surreal it really looks like it was photoshopped. Unfortunately for her and humanity it isn’t.

    TJ: Thanks for the correction 🙂 .

    Hareega: LOL. Like do you just think of the things you are going to say or it just comes to you. NAHFEH INTA.

    Mab3oos: Sarah has always been ugly I know, but this kinda draws more attention to it. Maskeeneh.

    KJ: Um I think you/moogle are the only ones on this planet earth and possibly other dimensions who thinks it’s cute.
    By the way, there is even a butterfly on the tree. Check out the new link.

    Hani: See this is the point, she was not thinking. Maybe she lost a bet? Maybe she told her new designer friend that she would wear the hat they designed and she felt bad to say no at the last minute?

    Mr anon: check out the updated source

  16. This kinda reminds me of The Emperor’s New Clothes. Poor thing, maybe she tricked into wearing it.

  17. ok i agree its weird and it looks very unstable!! i wonder what its made of?? and why??????? anyways SJP is not ugly! ..she usually looks much better…she obviously went over board this time…hmmm…to be worst dressed is sometimes cool..see bjork!

  18. I think the dress is beautiful, and the hat, well its just gorgeous ^___________^

  19. whaat theeeeeeeeee! big bubu on her part.

  20. neutron: I love that story.

    CW: OK maybe ugly is harsh, she is unattractive. LOL.

    Bakkouz: The dress and the shoes are nice. You should get your mom the hat, so you can see it all the time 😛 .

    Batoul: Sheesh man. LOL

  21. well, my mom is an old woman who wears hijab, so i don’t think she’ll appreciate the hat very much =p

  22. OMG .. i have the same exact dress!!

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