Some Fresh Pickings and Me Freaking Out

Here are some posts from the blog-sphere that caught my eye today:

It is Friday and in the past 6 weeks I have worked more than I have worked in the past 6 months combined. Too much work, too many deadlines, too many people that are sucking me dry and last but not least, 15 more pounds 😯 YIKES. I am more stressed about the weight than I am stressed by the giving birth part. The baby is not even a pound , where the hell are those other 14 pounds at? My ASS most probably.

OMG you also won’t believe what happened to me. On Wednesday I got home at 6 pm and I checked our phone messages to find a message from my OB telling me to call them back not specifying why they want me to call them . As soon as I heard the message my heart was in my stomach and I started freaking out. And of course they close at 5 pm so I had to wait till the next day to call them.

Why is the doctors office telling me to call them back? I just had my ultra sound done and a blood test done to make sure everything is OK with the baby and the test results were in. The doctor NEVER calls unless there was something wrong. So due to my hormones and long day at work I started bawling. I thought the worst is going to happen.

I called them the next day and the MOFO’S told me that they had the ultra sound results and everything looks great and that the baby is actually bigger than they thought and gave me a new delivery date which is October 4th. I wanted to go in the phone and kill them because they scared me half to death. And I told her, man you scared the heck out of me when I got the message, she said it is standard procedure in their office to call regardless of the test result.

You should have TOLD ME THAT. MOFO’s.


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  1. What does MOFOS stand for? anything with an F in it doesn’t sound good.
    I once had a patient that got really mad for some stupid reason, then she left clinic, I spied on her as she left to see if bursts in anger outside, but she didn’t. She was just talking to her husband and doing some erotic signs in the air.

  2. Hareega: MOFO’s means Mother f**kers 😀 .

    I wasn’t mad when I called, I was just terrified that’s all, so I didn’t lash out on the lady or anything.

    Erotic signs? hmmmmm. Maybe they were “I will strangle Dr. Ferris Bueller” signs maybe? LOL

  3. Yea! every time i see the clinic’s number ringing in my cell phone I freak out…I wait for them to leave me a msg! I NEVER pick up their calls 😀
    Hamdillah all is fine and october is just around the corner 😀 bissalameh ya rabb!

  4. I was born October 6th 🙂
    Libra, Awesome!

  5. LOOOL oh man, didnt know there would be a day I would read about 7aki bawling hahahaha.. el7amdella it was just routine. aww peanut is 1 pound already!?!?!? mashallah.

  6. sorry lady I can’t check your links, u see last time I did that “on ur previous post” I scrolled down to a bunch of thumbnail pics, clicked the one with the black dress woman! and MY EYES GOT BURNT! MY BEAUTIFUL EYES!! SOMEONE COVER THE SCREEN!!

    anyway…hey the baby’s getting fat, thats good news!

  7. yeh that would terrify me as well..i had this happen when we went for ziad’s blood test…they called at 4:40 on friday night…i had to wait all weekend to book the apt and get his test results…3an jad mofos…
    im glad everything is ok with the baby…and wow bigger than u thought…did u get your dates wrong??

  8. 7aki, I reviewed ‘kharej al jasad’ for you on my blog today :).

    I started reading the pillars of earth as well. The language is a bit hard, but I am stii at the first few pages. It is good so far 🙂

  9. Thanks Observer, I will take a look at it today.

    I hope you enjoy Pillars 😀 .

  10. Nido: You are in labor, wohoooooo.

    Roger: My due date could be Oct 6th, stay tuned.

    batoul: Yeah I bawl like all pregnant women bawl 😛 I’m only human dammit!

    Mr. Anon: LOL.

    Sam: OMG it scares me half to death. But honestly if I had to wait all weekend I think I would have a nervous breakdown.
    And yes I got all my dates wrong, see this baby was not 100% planned so I was not counting anything. So when I gave them my dates I was guesstimating.

  11. 7aki, you had to wait a whole day?? Dude, that sucks 😦

  12. LOOOOOOOOOOOOL @ MOFO ta7sheeeeesh he3 he3 he3!!!

    Ya3teeki el 3afyeh on your work. But you need to stop being a walkover and give me the time I deserve.

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