What Book Are You?

This is a really cool quiz!

I stole it from here who stole it from here

You’re The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy!
by Douglas Adams
Considered by many to be one of the funniest people around, you are
quite an entertainer. You’ve also traveled to the far reaches of what you deem possible,
often confused and unsure of yourself. Life continues to jostle you around like a marble,
but it’s shown you so much of the world that you don’t care. Wacky adventures continue to
lie ahead. Your favorite number is 42.

Take the Book Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

Actually my favorite number is 8.

So what book are you? Leave me a comment with what book your turned out to be


16 Responses

  1. This was cool and accurate!

    Hello Huckleberry Finn!

  2. mine is Prufrock and Other Observations by T.S. Eliot …

    OMG i love that book !!!!! its one of my favs !

    nice quiz … i hope ur doing alright with the pregnancy …

  3. First of all, something is wrong with the link!

    Secondly, what the hell?! I’m “A Prayer for Owen Meany” by John Irving! Something is wrong with this thing, I should’ve got something like Lord of the Rings!

    Yup I made up my mind, I’m Lord of the Rings! 😛

  4. Mab3oos: glad you liked it. I always loved huck and Tom Sawyer!

    Isam: Not familiar with the book. Maybe I should read it since it’s one of your faves.
    I am doing great thank you 😀 .

    Jasim: Thanks for hte tip, I fixed the link.
    And hahahaha at lord of the rings. So you look like a hobbit? LOOOOOOL
    Should check out your book.

  5. Okay, this is both amazing and depressing … I’m … The Catcher in the Rye.

    Incidently, this is one of my favourites. Having said that, the quiz says that I’m surrounded by phonies and like infamous psychotics. Nice to meet you too …

    P.S. I’m going to steal this from you 🙂

  6. yours is true…. 😀
    I came out to be: A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving. I havent read it, have you?

  7. This is amazing. One of my favorite novels is Animal Farm and it turns out that I am an Animal Farm person.
    “Your best moments are when you’re down on all fours.” I am no quitter for sure.

  8. Mine is “to kill a mockingbird”:

    Perceived as a revolutionary and groundbreaking person, you have changed the minds of many people. While questioning the authority around you, you’ve also taken a significant amount of flack. But you’ve had the admirable guts to persevere. There’s a weird guy in the neighborhood using dubious means to protect you, but you’re pretty sure it’s worth it in the end. In the end, it remains unclear to you
    whether finches and mockingbirds get along in real life.

    Now I have to read the book. (I’ve had it for about a year now and never got to read it.

  9. I am Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse.


  10. the quiz took forever because I was trying to answer as accurately as possible, I ended up with Stranger In A Strange Land by Robert Heinlein!

  11. I’m Watership Down! Now if I had said I prefer a warm climate, would i be Animal Farm?

    Hi 7aki!!!

  12. Neutron: I am ashamed to say I have not read it yet. But will be the next book I’ll read!
    I am definitely psychotic, steer clear LOL.

    Batoul: Yeah I felt mine is true too!
    Haven’t read it. But since it’s you , you have to read it now!


    Wow, to kill a mocking bird? Fazee3. I realy wanted to read this book. Now I will!

    Hamza: This book got rave reviews! Check it out

    Asoom: Havn’t read it. Seems interesting.

    Kinzi: Love your book.

    And Hi right backatcha 🙂 .

  13. OMG

    this is sad

    You’re Les Miserables!
    by Victor Hugo
    One of the best known people in your community, you have become something of a phenomenon. People have sung about you, danced in your honor, created all manner of art in your name. And yet your story is one of failure and despair, with a few brief exceptions. A hopeless romantic, you’ll never stop hoping that more good will come from your failings than is ever possible. Beware detectives and prison guards bearing vendettas.

  14. KJ: Seriously OH MY GOD. Dude! Even your book is miserable. LOL

  15. You’re The Catcher in the Rye!
    by J.D. Salinger
    You are surrounded by phonies, and boy are you sick of them! In an ongoing struggle to search for a land without phonies, you end up running away from everything, from school to consequences. In this process, you reveal that many people in your life have suffered torments and all you really want to do is catch them as they fall. Perhaps using a baseball mitt. Your biggest fans are infamous psychotics.

  16. Hani: “Your biggest fans are infamous psychotics”
    HAAHAHHAHAHA. No comment there. I can name a couple 😛

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