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So today I went  down to the Lebanese place in the food court to have lunch and guess what they had?????

STUFFED CABBAGE ROLLS and OMG it was so good like taita and my mother in law make it.


I want to marry the restaurant.

The best part inno it is made Arab style, not like those gross giant cabbage rolls the Europeans make. And they eat them with sour cream to boot, inno people “NOOOOOOOO”; there is a better way to eat and make them, you are desecrating the cabbage roll, come see the light!

I am in heaven :: Dreamy eyes::

Just for a brief moment today I didn’t want my Mommy, LOL.


16 Responses

  1. I think stuffed cabbage rolls way better than stuffed vine leaves. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

  2. OOOPS….sowwy…pressed tab and enter by mistake…don’t ask..

    These malfoof, just squeeze some lemon on them and you’re good to go! I’m going to visit mommy next week and will ask her to make these for me 😉

  3. Hani: Well I love them in 2 different ways, they are like apples and oranges. You can’t compare 😀 .

    yfa: Yuuuummmm. and Niyaaaaalaaaaaaaak mamtak is close.


  5. I like just about any stuffed (koosa, wara 3nab, …) except cabbage. yuck!! sorry guys …

  6. Why is there a smiley face guy. I just wanted to close the bracket, aaargh!

  7. whats with pregnant woman and stuffed cabbage rolls?

  8. Hani! E7terem 7alak! Vine leaves are the BEST (if made properly) – cabbage smells like feet!

  9. http://mimicooks.com/2007/12/stuffed-cabbage-malfouf.html
    Enjoy! 🙂

  10. tab put a picture at least 😦

  11. hmmmmmmmm where is the restaurent..maybe i will go buy some and tell hubby that i made them…i hate making them..but i love eating them..

  12. Moey: LOL.

    neutron: WHAT”S WRONG WITH YOU? did you get yourself checked? lol

    Batoul: LOL Batoul. It’s not cos I am pregnant, it’s cos no one is here to make me these dishes. waaaaaaaaa3. My mother AND mother in law have forsaken me so I don’t have ANY kind of ma7ashi, except I make filfil akhadr ma7shi cos it’s soooo big a monkey can stuff it, LOL.

    KJ: HAHAHAHA. Feet? No man kinno you family doesn’t know how to cook it, LOL.

    Summer: Thanks summer! you are the bestest. I LOVE your cooking blog.

    Hamza: No picture, i ate it 3ala tooooool. I can take a picture of my belly, the after picture. hehehehe.

    Sam: It’s the food court in my building. I wish it was a resturant. They had it as a special 😦 .

  13. Shaklek you never boiled cabbage before! OMG it is a universal ordeal!!!

    If cabbages and fruits were useful, scientists wouldn’t have forced us to eat them to get rid of them

  14. LOOL @ a monkey can stuff it

  15. Wait, are you calling yourself a monkey?!!? LOOL :::::runs:

  16. HAHAHAHA Batoul, my stuffing skills are that of a monkey. But I AM NOT a monkey.

    Hope this clears things up.

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