A Dose of Reality: She’s Come Undone

I recently finished reading She’s Come Undone by Wally Lamb.

It’s a story about a pre-teen who struggles to deal with her family falling apart, getting raped at the tender age of thirteen and a multitude of so many other issues that make her life crazy or better yet make her go crazy

She deals with her problems by obesity, sexual ambiguity, self-delusion, and madness.

But it is a story of perseverance. A lesson to show you that no matter what happens normal will find you if you work on it hard enough.

I loved the book, it was a page turner and I often ditched my train buddies so I can read it.

So go buy it, take it out of the library, borrow it from a friend just read it already!

Mini review:
I also read  Shopaholic’s gift set and I thought it was Hilarious! The perfect “No need to use your brain books”. Recommend it f you want to unwind.


8 Responses

  1. I loved that book! Isn’t it amazing how a male author can get the girl narrative/point-of-view so accurately?

  2. Absolutely! If you didn’t know it was a guy who wrote it you would have sworn the author was a woman!

  3. So NOW will you read Coma?

  4. KJ: HAHAHAHA OK OK I will add it to my indigo list. EFT shu bitno2 inta. HAHAHAHA. NA2A2A man.

  5. Is it written by Angel Love ya na2noo2?

  6. Did you know that this is probably my favorite book? It’s the book that got me to love reading again. Wally Lamb’s other book (I know this much is true) is also an awesome read.

  7. I LOVED it. It’s amazing how a man can make the womans point of view so clear and so amazing.

    I will definitely check “I know this much is true”.

    I am reading your adventures in Irbid. HILARIOUS stuff going on there.

  8. […] raped at the tender age of thirteen and a multitude of so many other issues that make her life chttps://7akifadi.com/2008/06/03/shes-come-undone/Community Calendar – June 26, 2008 Akron Beacon JournalArea community events for the entire […]

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