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I Just Want To Buy A Melon!

Decisions Decisions Decisions!

I walk down the isles at the supermarket and I see ten versions of the same product.

You want tissue paper? Well there are many many many items to chose from, 2 ply, 3 ply, with lotion, without lotion, with anti bacterial lotion, with scent, without scent , square box, oval box (yes, oval!) and on and on and on.

How can you fill a whole isle with tissue box products? In Amman they make your life easy, you go to the supermarket and you say: ”Can I have Fine (The tissue paper Name Brand) please?” (By the way are there any other Name Brands in Amman?)

This not only applies to tissue paper, it also applies to anything and everything here in Canada, you want a can of corn? Oh buddy there would be 3 shelves of different kinds of corn.

I have to admit, it needed getting used to when I first got here. I would go shopping for 4 items and end up spending a whole hour just reading labels to decide between do I need this detergent that has those super magical diamond crystals that make your clothes look better on you (heheheh) or just Tide?

But now I love it! There’s something for everyone….

Although I also have to admit that sometimes I just want to buy a melon!


9 Responses

  1. Bateekhaaaa!!!
    yeah, everytime I come visit i get too confused and go into culture shock… and when i come back to Amman i want to kiss the small shop keeper downstairs. but i have to admit.. having more than 6 options for shampoo and shower gel is fantastic

  2. Ewwwwwww sister, kiss the dukkaneh guy??? Ewwwwwwwwww.


    When it comes to tissue, it is friggin tissue for crying out loud! The thinner the ply, the more u can wrap on a roll – and the cheaper it is. Case closed!

    Detergents, I use now plant based to save the environment, and there is only one brand so it makes my life easy 🙂

  4. lo-cal watermelon LOL. Yeah I read forever to decide too. Lately, Ive been going for the cheapest (store’s brand – shoprite) because I AM unemployed : sigh :

  5. LOL Batoul will then resort to the 99 cent store he3 he3

  6. I miss having that much choice in the supermarket. It’s a good thing because you get to find just the right brand that has the high quality but not the high price.

    I found that in the US there’s even more choice than in Canada.

    In TO, you can use something called grocerygateway.com, and they’ll deliver the groceries right to your house, but it’ll cost a little more. Still worth it though since you don’t have to spend an hour in the store, get stuck in traffic, find a place to park, and magically carry 20 plastic bags with 2 hands!

  7. I just noticed it’s now 7aki’s sister instead of sister 7aki. Leading a nun’s life was too difficult ? 😛

  8. KJ: I know I know, I get three ply cheapest one. LOL.
    As for detergent. Man I put so much shit in the watching machine I think the second the water hits the lake the fish dies.

    Batoul: Yeah yeah at the store I go to equality is the cheapest brand. Like why would I pay 2 dollars for tomato paste when I can get it for 60 cents??? I like the cheapest brands. hehehehe.

    Hani: YEah once you get used to the variety lack of it becomes frustrating.
    Yeah i know about grocery gateway, never used it. My friend did, she said it was alright for canned and boxed stuff but a nightmare for fruits and veggies. But iI think it’s the best service ever.

    Funny that our little dukkaneh guy had a delivery service, gateway has nothing on him. LOL

  9. I love the choices. It does take some getting used to but once you find what works, it’s great.

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