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Sorry Because You Stepped On My Foot.

I love Canadians. Why? Here is a great example:

Yesterday I was waiting to get on the subway, the subway stopped so I stepped back to let somebody out before getting on and I accidentally stepped on someones foot so she said: “Sorry , I was standing too close to you”.

Now, where in any country in the world do you step on someones foot and they would apologize to you? you gotta love Canada.

I can picture this happening in Amman :

A guy steps on another guys foot.

The steppee: Shu had, a3ma inta? ma tfatte7. (Are you blind?)

The stepper : ana asef ya akh. (I am sorry brother)

The steppee: asif? min wain asrefha ana hadi asif. lesh ma btitalla3 2oddamak willa warak. (Are you sorry? From which bank should I cash the sorry? Why aren’t you looking in front of you or behind you? )

The stepper: la 7awala wala quatta illa billah, ya zalameh ma ana 2olet asef. (God have mercy on my soul. Man I said I was sorry!)

The steppee: tab lesh 3am bitsarekh, ya3ni da3aset 3ala ijry w 3am bitsarekh kaman? ( I want to know why you are shouting? You step on my foot and you have the audacity to shout too!!!)

The stepper: ya zalameh sally 3ala ilnabi, ana ma sarrakhet 3aliak, ya fatta7 ya 3aleem 3ala hal sobo7. ( I didn’t shout! What a great way to start the day!)

The steppee: lyakoon mish 3ajbak, 7ases inno mish 3ajbak ya3ni ( It seems you don’t like what I am saying to you, I have a feeling that you don’t)

The stepper: bti3raf, 2ah, mish 3ajibny. ana mish 2asef, roo7 ballet ilba7ar. ( You know what. Yes, I don’t like what you’re saying, and I am not sorry, go tile the sea)

The steppee: tab lesh 3am bitseb. (Why are you swearing at me?)

The stepper: walak inta kinnak 7maaaaaaar. ana ma sabbait. ( Are you a donkey or something? I didn’t swear at you!!!)

The setpee: Ibtid3as 3ala ijry w kaman bitseb 3alaieh. ( You step on my foot and you swear too!)

The stepper: bti3raf, shikly kaman biddi ad3as 3ala rasak. ( You know what, I think I also want to step on your head too.)

And then il toshe bitwalle3 . ( And then a big fight ensues)

LOL, no?

OMG the English translation just CRACKS ME UP. HAHAHAHAAHA.


10 Responses

  1. Loool, that’s hilarious. 😀

    Sadly, it’s true!

  2. Wow. They should give that women you stepped on a medal!

  3. cute!!

  4. LOOL gosh its like all the fights i’ve seen on the streets of Amman. The lady is really sweet though… thats extremly modest. I wish I could be more like that.

  5. thats why i wanna move To usa-Canada
    i think the people there are extra-Polite..

    eza fee 7awaleke job la computer Eng…etzakareena looool

  6. Not only in Amman, in any Arab country 🙂

  7. sometimes just looking at someone can start a fight, especially in the men’s room

  8. looooooool

  9. lol! and then people all gathered aruond to watch the fight!

    It doesnt end there because each one would have a tribe to support him! and would eventually end up in a group firght! l 🙂

    bus ente lazem etfat7i marra tanieh 😛

  10. Jasim: It’s true almost in every hot blooded country. I think it’s the weather makes people angry.

    KJ: She is nice.

    Summer: 🙂

    Batoul: You know what, I am like that 🙂 . My friend on the other hand, if someone as much brushed her on the subway she’s lose it. I keep telling her to calm down, life is too short to be angry all the time.

    Maher: No trust me some Canadians can be asses.
    And lol at etzakareena.

    Mohamed: True that.

    Hareega: tosheh in the men’s room. Would be interesting I have to say. LOL.

    Hamza: 😀 .

    Observer: LOL. Khalas ana ra7 affate7 next time.

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