Made In China

When I first came to Canada I was shocked because every time I check any label on any item I buy (ANY) I find out it was made in China!

Let me give you an idea of the things that are not more than ten footsteps away from hands reach that were made in China:

1) PS2 remote control.

2) A pottery Barn clock, OMG and we pay big bucks for anything Pottery Barn! This freakin clock cost me 90 dollars!!!!

3) Fancy chess set

4) All of my daughters toys. ALL OF THEM

5) OMG I just checked the little Canadian flag we have and this “I love Canada” mug and they are both made in China! This is too funny! It has China printed on both of them very clearly.

I don’t know if it’s a North American thing but 80% of anything we buy here is made in China. Even things that are expensive that you assume are not made there are made there.

Which reminds me; the other day I was at The Bay stores and I was in the cosmetics section and I saw some dead sea minerals and some dead sea mud masks and I immediately assumed that they will say “Made in Israel” but to my complete joy they said “Made in Jordan” I was soooo proud I wanted to show it to all the people passing by and tell them, “It’s from my country! Look, look”. My poor friend was with me and I kept looking at the packages beaming and I think she now might think I am crazy to be super excited about something like that.

By the way, those packages are a rip off, 20 bucks for a handful of dead sea salts that I can buy for 5 piasters in Amman.


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  1. لما تعرفي اديه بتفرق التكلفة بين المحلي و الصيني بتعرفي ليه

    تقريبا كل الشركات الكبيرة صارت تفتح مصانع بالصين مشان التكلفة و الإيدي العالمة الرخيصة

  2. And here’s the funniest shit : all the material used in making those anti-Chinese demonstrations signs during the Olympic torch marches were made in China.

    Reminds of the joke, on how in Arizona they want to build long large fences to keep Mexicans from sneaking across the border into the US. The problem is that they couldn’t enough MExicans to build that wall lol.

  3. Dead sea salts in the Bay. That’s awesome. Totally something to be proud of. $20, why not, all the power to them.

    Hareega, that’s some good stuff.

  4. […] all the Chinese made merchandise, 7aki Fadi, a Jordanian who lives in Canada, finds Dead Sea minerals and mud masks made in her country. […]

  5. 7aki, lol, we couldn’t SURVIVE without China’s stuff. My kids have now learned to differentiate between Chinese products made for Jordan and products made for the US.

    Like Neutron, I say more power to those Dead Sea product producers! They learned the capitalism game. 🙂

  6. i remember my mom telling me once to get her stuff and she made sure that i get her the Chinees one, no the Taiwanees?

  7. Hail hail China!

    Now pray the US doesn’t consider it a nuclear threat LOL

  8. Theres a guy at the mall that ALWAYS tries to convince me to buy those minerals and masks. Hes a jew that tries to speak to me in arabic, neghesh mashallah 3ano (sarcastic).

  9. Qabbani: I know! Every company is off-shoring to china now, it’s crazy. You can barely find anything locally made nowadays.

    Hareega: LOL. That is tooo funny.

    Neutron: I agree 🙂 . I hope they are doing well here.

    Kinzi: OMG the difference between the made in China stuff for North America verses th Arab world is big, I would not buy anything made in China in the middle east. Well with the led and all the crazy things they put in the stuff. They most probably ship everything that was rejected in North America to the Middle East and third world countries.

    Maher: LOL.

    KJ: Well the USA can only dream about attacking china, they are too big and powerful of a target. USA can only dream of attaching them, the most can happen is a cold war.

    Batoul: Actually that stuff is great! You should get some.

  10. I know they won’t it was just a rhetorical thought LOL

  11. and I am wiling to sell it for less. I will simply collect all the mud and salts next time I am there and start selling them.

    2al 20 dollars 2al…

  12. hahaha .. but did you buy those deadsea products ?? 🙂

  13. hamza: yeah wallah even if you sell it for 10 bucks you are making a profit!

    za3tar: no no I didn’t buy it, 2al 20 bucks 2al!!! My mom had just sent me a bunch of dead sea products so I didn’t need any 😀 .

  14. FYI… because you’ll soon be a mother… lots of toys made in China are full of led. A big no no for the babe.

  15. moonmama: Yes I know, I have a four year old and I am very diligent when I buy the toys, I always watch the led warnings and recalls and stuff like that.

  16. It’s the British in Canadians that makes them so polite. Brits are nothing if not polite. They could be telling you to go F*** yourself but they will do it in the most decent, polite manner (excluding the soccer hooligans).

    Go to Quebec and you will have an entirely different experience. More likely one more similar to your Jordanian one.

  17. oops commented on the wrong post. should have been on the politeness of Canadians.

    Re: made in china, things used to be made in canada once upon a time and the quality was excellent but let’s’face it, the chinese have the largest labour force. this equals cheap labour. companies can charge more for their products and put their brand names on them and have a higher profit margin. designer clothes like nygard, calvin klein, dkny etc. are made in china…yeah nicer fabric and better cut, but they are prob made in the same factory the walmart clothes are made in.

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