An Exchange At The 7aki Office

7aki at 10:45 AM : Lunch today? Where? I am hungry.

Bob at 1:24 PM: I’m sorry l just got email access.
As a Canadian – I think its right that l apologize for not having access to email and knowing that you would have sent an email for lunch.

7aki: Hahaha. I even came by your OFFICE like 3 times. You totally ignored a pregnant hungry woman today 😛 . Shame on you. And on your first day to boot!

Bob: You’re a pregnant woman who drives in a BMW 3 series coupe…Its hard for me to take pity on you.

7aki: Whatever! You just wish it was you driving the BMW. LOL.

Yes you guessed it, the Bob is back!

Poor William will get abused again…MWAHAHAHAHAHA.


14 Responses

  1. [something]

  2. You drive a new BMW coupe? I hope for the baby’s sake you don’t hit that paddle hard. 😀

  3. I just read all your Bob blogs and love them. Sounds like a pretty cool dude.

  4. Yay, Welcome back Bob.
    and OMG that thing (BMW) is the new Hubby car??
    no wonder you guys were excited about it..
    Can you tell that when you told me about it I had no idea what that meant.. went way over my head. heheheh. I have to admit, although I don’t like BMW’s this one looks cute.. I’m very amazed that he even lets you touch it

  5. za3tar: OK. lol.

    Jasim: HAHAHAHA. No I drive safely. Well for now 😛 . This thing revs and goes so fast it’s hard not to man.

    neutron: I added a couple more, my favorite is Bob , his wife and peaking. a must read. He is pretty cool.

    sister: I meant to send you a picture of the car but here you go now you saw it. Show it to Brother and mom 😀 . And don’t tell baba 7aki it looks cute, LOOL. it looks fierce ya sister. hehehe
    Yeah , I drive it, and little 7aki rode it too, she keeps saying, baba , baba your car is soooooooo cooooooool, can i see the road (on hte GPS screen) . HAHAHHAH. She’s sooo cute. She even tells me, I want baba to drop me off not you. Shufty ballah? khalas my CRV no longer pleases the little princess.

  6. Wallahi little 7aki knows her stuff… I wouldnt ride the CRV either lool, mabrouk… mashallah its beautifullll!

  7. Welcome back Bob! You’ve been missed!

    7aki, you’re like me in lunch, always emails people about it when I first arrive in office. Weight is a community problem LOOOOL

  8. batoul: Yeah my daughter will sure be high maintenance. Thank you allah yibarek feeky 🙂

    KJ: Yeah man I start talking about lunch the second I get to work. If I leave them to their own timelines it will be FOREVER before we eat.

  9. Awww, poor Bob, his wife totally slam dunked him. Bob, his wife and peaking is definitely one of my favs too.

  10. LOOL at bob. mashalla 3alee, he apologises for not having access to email

    Mabrook the car.

    P.S: I wanted to say something very jordanian in a sarcastice tone about the car but I refrained myself from doing it coz its too demeaning and low..but I guess you know what I am talking about. 😛

  11. LOL @Bob. I just went back and read the Bob posts – hilarious!! Fantastic character to include in a future screenplay actually! Would Bob like to option out his workplace stories for screen adaptation? ;P

  12. neutron: HAHAHA did you see that? I LOVE IT.

    Hamza: LOL. Yeah. It’s a joke we always have.
    Allah yibarek feek.
    And no, I really have no clue to what you are talking about but I am guessing it’s a good thing. Hehehehe.

    AM: OMG make Bob famous. That would be GREAT!
    Bob: Answer AM, she wants to make you famous. Hehehehe.

  13. 7aki, lol is that a 325i? if so, fa u and sis have a lot in common! shekelha za3ra w heyeh bil coupe w interior a7mar 😐

    and welcome back Bob!

  14. VA: It’s the 325xi. Honestly, the red leather chairs look ugly in real life. We got the black.

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