Warning: A chick post: Sex And The City

I have never in my life seen ANYBODY go crazy about a movie as much as they did with this one! This movie has/had so much hype here it’s insane. More than Harry Potter even!

As you might know the movie sex and the city is based on the TV series with the same title that had 9 years of success. I have not been a big follower of the TV show but had watched some reruns here and there.

We went on Friday to watch it and OMG the amount of women and giggling and hooting and clapping at certain parts was insane.

All women were dressed in their finest shoes since as you know SJP in the show and movie wears the best shoes EVER.

I didn’t know what to expect but I am glad I watched it. The movie was super funny, fun to watch and had so many amazing shoes and clothes that make any woman covet and want and need.

If you go watch the movie, there was a pair of sparkly shoes she had on when she closed her apartment down that I WANT. I couldn’t find the photo.

And there’s a sparkly swarovski purse that OMG I WANTS AND NEEDS.


So girls , go watch it. It’s super funny and fun.


13 Responses

  1. Thanks for the review 7aki. I think the movie is a “must see” despite it being a total chick flick, it’s still a must see!

    I didn’t used to follow up on the series, so I wouldn’t rush to go watch it. But I will probably end up watching it anyway

  2. So women stop shaving after getting married?

  3. I”ll probably wait until it’s on DVD to rent it. It should be under the “gay movies” section

  4. I enjoyed every minute of it. I agree it was a chick flick, but still even guys enjoyed seeing it.. it’s not like the stupid extremely silly chick flick movies.. this one at least has a story, and was funny and fun to watch. I really liked it..

  5. Qwaider: It’s pretty funny!

    hareega: lol. it’s not gay. It’s funny!

    simply me: Me too!

  6. We saw el ad by swarovski and my mom was like yee shu 3aib! laish maktoob haik? LOL
    me: mom, its a a movie
    mom: oh — bas laish ysamo haik!
    Fikra 7aki… khalas this weekend inshallah.

  7. I remember girls at college were crazy about the show, i think because it speaks their frustration 🙂

  8. a 90 minute manolo commercial ! YUPEEE

  9. Batoul: HAHAHHA at your mom, sooo funny! You should take her to watch it…hehehe. imagine?

    Abed: Yeah it was a break through when it first started.

    Bambam: Indeed it was indeed. But don’t forget the clothes too. And also Luis Vatton 😛 .

  10. ewww sounds good, i do like sex and the city its also witty. somehow!…. funny mostly guys commenting here
    😉 i am not a guy!

  11. CW: Have you watched the movie? You should, it’s pretty funny.

    Isn’t it super funny that almost all the commentators are guys? I wonder why, hehehehe.

  12. Finally watched SATC! Absolutely FABULOUS. Loved single every bit. Total entertainment with such a beautiful looking screen for all of the 2.5 hrs!

  13. AM: wasn’t it GREAT!!! Super funny. And some eye candy. i hope they did not sensor anything in Jordan. Hehhehe. I assume you are in Jordan right?

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