What a Great Loss. Tim Russert Passes Away

Today Tim Russert passed away and I am so sad . He was a great journalist.

May his soul rest in peace.


9 Responses

  1. Yeah .. may God rest his soul.
    Although i do not care much for American news channels .. I have to admit, Tim Russert was one of the best ones (if not the best) in doing real journalism.

  2. One of the few Journalism personalities I ever respected. A definite loss.

    (Yes, I can be serious sometimes)

  3. I’ll always associate sunday mornings with Tim Russert and Meet the Press.

    God Bless.

  4. end of yet another TV legacy. irreplaceable – which probably means further deterioration of broadcast media, sadly.

  5. I don’t know him but, since you care for him, here is a supportive hug

    *supportive hug*

  6. Za3tar: Yes he asked the REAL questions. He was always objective and if not always on the “right side”.

    mab3oos: agreed.

    Asoom: Me too! Meet the press was the only good show on Sunday. And he passed right before fathers day too. Sad.

    AM: Yes, he was one of few (or was he the only one left on TV) that really chalanges his guests.

    KJ: Thanks. but you should read about him and his interviews.

  7. he was the only journalist guaranteed not to ask a stupid question in any interview

  8. Hareega: I still can’t get over it Hareega 😦 . The new host of meet the press has big shoes to fill. I wonder who it’s gonna be.

  9. How Russert et al Planted the Seeds for War

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