Chocolate Caramel

Friend: My boyfriend and I had a big fight and we went back and forth and he finally said that I don’t care about him.

7aki: What did he say in specific?

Friend: He said that I don’t care about him and he said like for example you don’t even know my favorite color or favorite food. I feel like I am a bad person.

7aki: Well baba 7aki and after 7 years of marriage still thinks I like caramel chocolate. And I hate it. lol. and I tell him every time he gets me some, but he still gets it for me all the time. He says ” I thought you said you hated turtles” so I tell him: “Yes I do because it has caramel.” LOL.

What I think is that he is at the store, he thinks about making me happy, so he buys me chocolate, the chocolate he thinks I love and that makes me happy! It’s the thought that counts. That he stood there thinking about me when he did it.

7aki after a bit: So what’s your boyfriends favorite color?

Friend: I think It’s blue or green.

7aki: Gosh I have no clue what baba 7aki’s favorite color is, I think it’s blue. LOL. So don’t feel bad!


Honestly, all this favorite this and that and whatever, it all changes. Today I could like something and tomorrow I wouldn’t, so it’s hard to keep track and hard to hold it against your partner if they didn’t know your favorites. As long as you know the IMPORTANT stuff about your partner then favorite color and whatever is not essential to a good relationship.

So when he gets me the wrong thing I actually think it’s cute how he can’t for the life of him get it right. Unless I am PMSing and I NEED something in particular. Then there is hell to pay. Hehe

And besides, it took me like 4 years to drill in him that I want sprite or 7.up when he buys me pop but now I like diet Pepsi and I hate sprite. Poor baba 7aki , I keep him on his toes. LMAO.

What do you think? Is it important to know your partners favorite color and food and all that stuff? Or is it something you can live without?


15 Responses

  1. the only thing i want my wife to avoid loving is other men

  2. for some reason my email shows up instead of my user name,
    i think the reason is that i’m typing in my email in the space allocated for user name , by mistake

  3. I do believe it’s important to an extent. Because sometimes relationships are revived by those little gestures.

  4. LOOOL you say pop? *sigh* its soda!
    Those little things could add a special feeling to the relationship. Like knowing he likes a lemon slice in his tea… thats cute to know and show as a sign of care. But its not the end of the world if these things are forgotten. There are things much more important like knowing hes stubborn in an argument and you need to losen the situation to fix things up in a calmer tone.

  5. I think they’re important. It’s all about the idiosynchrocies. Having said that, the fact that baba 7aki for example, can’t remember that you don’t like caramel may just be part of his. So it’s all good.

  6. how can u not like caramel! oh God me crave :smily drooling staying disciplined to crappy diet!:

    i think small things like this are important ,even if a relationship is way beyond the beginner stages.. its sweet to know these things, get the right stuff most of the time.. knowing the big and small details improves a relationship, its like u know them inside out… allah yhaneekum sweets 🙂

  7. oops sorry typo! *drooling BUT staying*

  8. “green marshmallow bunnies ! you don’t even care about me, you should know better that I want pink bears rock candy, it has to be pink and it’s the only candy i’ll ever eat and if u don’t get me that 7aki i’m going to throw a tantrum and start clearing out some shelves! ”

    I seriously think that their emotional development got stunted at 5 years old, yes it’ll be nice but our lives can’t revolve around trivial crap … thats just a recipe for drama or a script for a “good” reality show (and i hate both with a passion)

  9. Hell, I don’t even know my favorite colour or food!

  10. I think it is cute, but it is cuter when the guy always messes up and gets the wrong stuff 😀 LOL! And THEN when the one time he finally gets it right ………………… there will be lots of woohooing during the wee hours of the morning!


    On a serious note, I believe it should be established by both on WHAT is important to remember and what isn’t. If her favorite color is important to her then the guy should understand that

  11. you know if it came to colors and choosing food it wont be an issue if you love your partner The big problem is when they don’t care enough to know what you like or what makes you happy. Or they know what makes you happy and do the opposite.

    But when they get you something you don’t like with the intention of surprising you and making you happy then its cute no matter what they do or get you. It is the thought that counts 🙂

  12. Hareega: Well you gotta then make sure she is happy 😛 .
    Well whenever I see your email I fix it and put your name. But yes, I think you are filling the email in both the name and email.

    Jasim: I totally agree, I think it should be there but shouldn’t be the focus.

    Batoul: No it’s Pop 😛 . You Americans . Heheheh
    They sure do Batoul but sometimes people give it so much importance that it gets out of hand and they dwell on it. I think it should be there but not to the point where it stresses the partners out. And yes, knowing what makes your partner happy is way more important than knowing what color they like.

    Neutron: I couldn’t have said it better myself 😀 .

    VA: I just hate caramel when it’s just chocolate and hard caramel, I HATE IT. But I LOVE Twix 😀 .

    Bambam: Hehehehe.Come on man SOME reality TV can be good 😛 .

    Farah: HAHAHAHA. ME TOOOO. I honestly don’t have a favourite color.

    KJ: Wisdom ya KJ wisdom. I totally agree.

    Dinos: “The big problem is when they don’t care enough to know what you like”
    That is sooooo true. If they get it wrong but always make an effort to know then that means they care.

  13. My favorites are dynamic – never absolute – so it gets confusing for those around me as I’m told.

    I like to know stuff that pleases and turns the people I love on – friends/boyfriends. It’s cool to make people feel good if u can cater to their likes sometimes. I’m don’t care abt fav color, number and weird stuff that is abstract. I do care about experiences.

  14. AM: Me too. I could be eating a kit kat every day and then all of a sudden hate it.

    Experience is all that counts 🙂 .

    PS: I will never hate kit Kat. LOL

  15. 7aki fadi fe3lan. Just got here through Organic’s blog and glad I did : ) I’m a 7aki fadi fan : )
    And this post just resonates with me because as much as I’m a drama hater I couldn’t help but brew some today over insignificant things with my significant other.
    Life’s good.
    I’ll visit, if I may!


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