Mmmmmmmmmm …… Bateeeeeeeeeeeeeekh

God I love Bateekh..yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Oh oh, in the Philippines and China they sprinkle a little bit of sea salt on watermelon, and OMG let me tell you I tried it and it makes it sooooo flavorful. AMAZING taste. You should try it.


9 Responses

  1. Sea salt on watermelon? Interesting, I’ll give it a try. Btw, the bateekh in that pic looks amazing … almost surreal.

  2. Crazy pregnant woman. SALT ON BATEEKH!!? Totally crazy pregnant woman.

  3. gross 7aki! loool… peanut mala7a hay haha

  4. don’t know about salt, but I love it with the salty white cheese and beta bread it is extremely delicious.

  5. SALT 3al batteeeeekh? looooool!
    put some pepper too! LOOOL!
    SPICY Bateeekh!

  6. that’s why the favourite dish for my dad & his uncles is cheese & watermelon (jebneh wi bateekh).

    you try this first and you tell me

  7. baba used to love eating bateekh with jibneh bayda 🙂

  8. you should try it with cheese

  9. Walkom kolkom : In some restaurants they serve it with Salt. I didn’t make it up! My Chinese friend at work told me to try it and I tried it and it’s OUT OF THIS WORLD.

    Even a NON PREGNANT male friend tried it and he LOVED IT.

    I am not a crazy pregnant woman, LOL.

    And I love it with white cheese a lot, which is HELLOOOOOO SALTYYYYYYYYY. So same thing 😛 .

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