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Good Girls Stay With Their Mommy

While baba 7aki was away on a business trip I was sleeping in bed when I felt something small and warm come sleep next to me. I ignored that something small because if I opened my eyes that something small will know that I am awake and then will start talking. Or worse still, demand that I go downstairs and wake up because it’s not night anymore.

After like 5 minutes of that something tossing and turning, I basically couldn’t sleep so I opened my eyes.

Little 7aki with the most cutest smile on her face as if she conquered the world and the warmest hug and kiss EVER: Maaaaaaamaaaaaaaaaaa. You are awake!

Me: Good morning Mama.

Little 7aki: Did you think I was baba?

Me: No. I knew it was you.

Little 7aki: How did you know? Is it because I don’t snore.

Me: HAHAHA. Yes. And you are small too. Why did you come to my bed?

Little 7aki: Because I want to stay with you

Me: Why do you want to stay with me?

Little 7aki: Because good girls stay with their mama. Right?

Me: Heheeee. You are absolutely right.

I hope she still feels that way when she is a teenager raging with hormones and she starts to think that mommy is the last thing she wants to be with.

Little 7aki: Mamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?

Me: Yeeeeeeeeeeees?

Little 7aki: Lets go downstairs and watch cartooooooooooooons.

Me: OK. Just Give me five minutes. (And I close my eyes.)

Little 7aki: OK.

After 1 minute little 7aki proceeds to pry my eyes open with her fingers: Are the five minutes done yeeeeeet?

Sigh. And the day begins.


21 Responses

  1. LOL I used to forcefully open my parents eyes too… and ask them for a banana? baba used to say KELE DARAB EL SEKHEN WO KHALSENA NDEFSI loool because I used to take forever as if i’m in a picnic.

    “Did you think I was baba” loool too cute.

  2. 7ayati. I miss her so much.
    Cartoooons… LOL

  3. I think 7aki now is in the phase of “if I watch that Barney episode ONE MORE TIME grrrrrrrrrrr!”

    Ma3lesh tawli balek lissa you will have to do this all over again soon inshalla!

  4. cute 😀

    Remind me with my niece when she came home , come to my room put a chair and wait me to open Half eye

    ” 5aloo, with kiss”
    na3m ?
    ” ma3l3sh 2el3ab 3al computer ”
    love u hug kiss


  5. habibti ma azkaha 🙂

  6. Ha ha ha, I just looked at your post because of the title. Great!

  7. And your space title is great too!!

  8. HAHAHAH at your dad. “KELE DARAB EL SEKHEN” Does that mean May God strike you with a fever? HAHAHA.

    sister: She misses you too.

    KJ: Seriously!

    Qabbani: Awww. She is sooooooooo cute.

    Observer: Kullak zo2 😀 .

    zeynepankara: Glad you liked it. Welcome to the blog!

  9. Mashallah, too cute!

  10. Such a cute story 🙂

  11. How cute!!!

  12. Habiba: Thanks and welcome to the blog.

    jewaira: Thanks and also welcome to hte blog 😀 .

    iRise: 😀 Thanks . Welcome to the blog.

  13. 🙂 My son does this too. Always cute, always heartwarming, always I wish for those five more minutes. But when they are awake, everyone else must be too, they think.

  14. maleesha: They are sooo cute when they do that no matter how sleepy we are 🙂

  15. Awwww….tha’ts so friggin’ cute!!!!

  16. Childless ppl have that problem too. They’re called alarm clocks. Only difference is we can actually turn ours off and go right back to sleep 😀

  17. Hala J.: FA3es inducing cuteness .

    Bella: Heeeeeeeeyyyyyyy. Happy to see you back .

    Ah, if there was a snooze button on kids it would be heaven lol.

  18. mashalla, allah yi7meelek iyaha 🙂

  19. 7aki, that’s the cutest thing ever!

  20. Princess N: Thaaaaaaaaaaanx 😀 .

    neutron: yes I did produce such a cute product 😀 .

  21. LOOL! It sounded like a good start of a day 🙂

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