NC-17: No one under 17 is allowed . Some Of My Favorite Blogs Rated

Keeping with the theme of the previous post I rated some of the blogs on my blog roll, similar to a movie rating and oh boy this is just tooo funny.

1) First all the bloggers that are RATED G where all ages are admitted:

First Let me Rate Roba’s And Far away. You can practically give your kids Roba’s link with no fear.


Then I rated Naseems Black Iris, Also pretty good, but Naseem, you said Bitches!!!! LOL.


Then It was Hamza‘s turn, Hamza, how many times do I have to tell you to stop blogging about your drugs escapades????? HAHAHA. J/K


The Observer, Awwwww even the worst word you used was pain. PUTS ALL OF YOU TO SHAME!!!!


Hani Obaid was not too bad, maybe by ass he meant Donkey? LOL


Then it was Bakkouz‘s Turn . Shame on you Bakkouz. Oh the language you use.  Actually Bakkouz is pretty good. I think he meant Donkey too. HAHAHA


2) Now we enter the blogs where some PARENTAL GUIDANCE is required where some material may not be suitable for Children:

First off the shock of  the century is non other than Kinzi 😯 .Oh kinzi the violence you have on your blog. LOL. I honestly thought Kinzi’s blog will return nothing but it did. Life is always full of surprises.


Then it was KJ’s . So you get PG for saying Crap??? Hmmm, I demand a recount. I think you should be in the rated G pile 😛 .


3) Now we enter the realm of those blogs that kinda hover on the edge of being bad, the PG-13 blogs where Some material may not be appropriate for Children under 13.


First off non other than me, 7aki. Wow, violent and a potty mouth. And people send me emails sometimes telling me that my site is a family site and I keep telling them, dudes, trust me, it’s not.


Hareega is also rated PG-13. I laughed sooooooo hard when I read the words he uses. Hareega, a question: Why are you obsessed with faltulance? LOOOOOOOOL.


4) Now we start going into the serious stuff, The blogs Rated R. That people under 17 need an accompanying parent or guardian.

The first and only blog on this list is Bambam.

Wow I never knew that Scat means Poop. Again, we live and learn.


5) THEN I rated Rambling Hal’s , and oh boy you are in for the ride of your life. The undefeated champion of all blogs. Drum rolllll pleaaaaaaaaaaase.

NC-17: No one under 17 is allowed 😯 HAHAHAHAHA. walik Hal shu haaaaaaad? My favorite word is stab.  LMAO


To see how your blog rates go here



24 Responses

  1. Why do I talk a lot about farting?

    Ok, see, people get married once or twice in their lives, may never get a divorce or maybe once or twice, and they get to have kids once, 2 or 3 or 4 times in their whole life. Yet, they write and talk and blog and chat all their lives about marriage, divorce and kids.

    Meanwhile, every human farts 14 times a day. Do the math.

  2. eeeh baseeta iza waggafat 3ala “ass”.
    as for Hal, she should definitely add that badge to her blog, or some kind of “this blog is not suitable for minors” warning. 😛

  3. Observer rated for children?! WALEK THE TOPICS OMG! LOL!

    And shu mshan you only found crap 3endi?! You want me to give you a list?!

  4. hehehhe, see kj, I am so polite, I don’t use bad words 😛

    but I would’t recommend my blog for children! lol! They should be 16 at least! 🙂

    7aki and hareega are so violent! We should watch out! lol

    Hal, should have a sign ‘lal kebar faqat’ hehehhe

  5. Observer I know you’re polite bas your topics ma kharj atfal LOL!

    The rating is absurd! LOL!

  6. LOL … i guess that doesn’t include the comments 😛 good for me that i only rant there (ya i know … i should come back to the blogo soon ) and not a single drug related word on mine !

    Shock and awe but kudos to hal … rant away and put everyone in their place.

    7aki we want a manual recount of the results including euphemisms 😛

  7. Hareega: Wow that is such an important statistic. LOL. Now i can sleep better knowing this piece of information 😀 .

    Bakez: I KNOW! She should so totally put that on her blog.

    KJ: LOL KJ. but he uses scientific terms not slang so he is legit. hehehe. And sure why not list it 😛 .

    Observer: Ya inta kteer mu2adab bas as KJ said you should be rated R. LOL.

    bambam: yeah, if it included the comments I think all of us would be in trouble. and I also think it might not detect the F bomb. I’ve used it many times and it’s not part of the list.

    And honestly Bam, if we do a manual count you’d get at least an NC-17: No one under 17 is allowed . Hehehehe.

    Hal is a CHAMP. All bow to Hal.

  8. Ya Latiif! I am rolling! Imagine Observer only G and Bam only R? Don’t they count images???

    7aki , may God bless you with a little Baba 7aki. Wait til you have boys and they turn bananas and Duplos into guns. Very rough on the ladies of the house, Lil 7aki will be affronted.

    And the farting, oh MY. Hareega claims all people fart 14x a day? Only boys and men make extreme noise and empty rooms with the product of expulsion. Am I on the wrong thread? :S


    “Only boys and men make extreme noise and empty rooms with the product of expulsion”


  10. OMG PEOPLE. This post propelled my blog to rated R!!!!!

  11. HAHAHHAHAHHA this is AMAZING!!!!!!!! Oh man 7aki you SERIOUSLY KICK ASS…..and I can’t tell you how proud I am of my rude profanity! 😀 YAY!!!! I’m the shit!!!! (AS you can see I’m trying to increase the rated R situation of ur site :D) mmmwwwaaaa!!!!

  12. pretty cool! now imagine this rating thing could read Hal’s arabic cussing, how would her blog be rated? i am tipping on ‘censored’ 😉

  13. Yours should be NC-29 after this post and counting mab3oos’s name in comments. Saved you the words wrere in images and the arabic incompatibility. Need help in that? 😉

  14. HAHAHAHAHA. That’s fricking hilarious. Yeah, my blog is under Child Guidance as my parents read it 🙂

  15. loooooooooooool. One of your funniest posts ever. And oh…even my post that was drug-related, I REMOVED it.

    wait..I am back in canada..why am I putting myself in trouble?

    *runs away*

  16. LOOOL @ Hareega’s comment!

    I ran my blog thru, I’m rated R as well…for words like CRAPPY and KILL and HELL, they rated me R.

    This rating system is funny! I don’t think its all that smart tho

  17. Hal: HAHAHA your comment alone would make me NC17. LOL

    CW: OMG I can’t imagine!

    FM: HAHAHAHA. I am glad it does not recognise Arabic cussing or images.

    Roba: Yeah the parents could be an issue. I know that Hal’s mom bitbahdelha all the time. LOL.

    Hamza: Keep running man keep running. Me meeting you on the third is an ambush, I will bring the cops with me . LOOOL.

    bella: I think it rates all cuss words but does not display them. It is stupid though you are right. Hehehe

  18. kinzi said : “Only boys and men make extreme noise and empty rooms with the product of expulsion”

    Kinzi… thanks for the complement

  19. I was going nuts trying to find the word, and it turned out it was on my chat box which is on every page.

    Don’t diss the donkey, it’s the number one search keyword on my blog 😦

  20. lol nice idea…i rated mine…it got R !! Restricted ! but am only new at this 😛

  21. Hani: Donkey? HAHAHA. Is it really? That’s too funny!

    Absolutesardonic: welcome to the blog.

  22. Some heads up on Hamza when you meet him:

    He laughs like a girl
    He changes color often, don’t be alarmed
    He has a habit of eating stuff from the table
    He has an occasional habit of “Hamzatizing”. You will know it when you see it.
    He will have to mention videogames in every conversation
    He will uses his right hand to animate conversations but for everything else he is a leftie
    He is most likely going to wear blue and gray polo with blue and gray shoes
    He is allergic to children
    He is allergic to himself
    He will explain to you through some conversation how he tried different solutions to get his hair proper
    He will tell you everything I said here is a lie

  23. *crosses KJ of his list of bloggers I’d like to meet*
    *innocently hums a cheerful tune*

  24. Interesting! LOOL

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