Fill In the Blank

I have all next week off. WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO.

9 days of doing WHATEVER I want to do. FUUUUUUUUUUN.

Well not whatever I want to do, what I really want to do is to go ride on this new ride at Canada’s wonderland called the behemoth which is apparently Canada’s Biggest, Fastest and Tallest roller coaster .

But I guess that has to wait till next year. I don’t want to scare peanut. Or give birth for that matter.

Wu bas, that’s all folks.


14 Responses

  1. You could always ride the ghoster coaster. Pretty simple, nothing crazy but always fun. Is that even still around? I haven’t been to wonderland in forever!

  2. ooops, my bad, that’s a kiddy ride. I meant thunder run.

  3. I had to read this post twice! The first time I didn’t get it :p I thought you are really riding it during yr weeks off! I was like: What is wrong with 7aki?!! hehe..
    But this looks amazing! I Love roller coasters!

  4. ‘Or give birth for that matter.’

    LOOOOOOOOL! I’m actually picturing the situation. Now that would make an excellent advertisement for the ride.

  5. Lol…good luck doing wtever u want 😛
    about the roller coaster …i really wanna try the one in vegas…i got an email about it…u know…the one located over a high tower !! scary stuff 😛

  6. lalaaaalaboooooooooooobooooooooooooo
    im going tomorrow to wonderland (inshaalla)


  7. yes please stay away from the behemoth! so then what are you going to do?

  8. loooooooool.

    you can always enjoy the family rides. i strongly recommend gong with little 7aki on “white water canyon”. Its so much fun. Just watch out for those who are willing to spend a toony to wet you guys when running the fountains. 😛

  9. *imagines 7aki giving birth mid air*

    *entertains thought*

    *takes out plan papers*

  10. neutron: Yup, been on all the kiddy rides last time I went to wonderland. Thunder run? I should check it out next time we go

    Nido: lol Nido. So you still sleep deprived?
    I LOVE roller coasters, the bigger the better.

    Farah: HAHAHAHA. Imagine!!! I’d be like 80 feet high giving birth. OMG, I would make the news for sure.

    absolutesardonics: Oh yeah I saw the Vegas one. super cool. imagine hanging out from like a 50 story building. FREAKY.

    Lulu: Let us know how it was 😀 .

    Asoom: Beach beach beach . And a movie here or there .

    Hamza: Yeah I love water rides. You get soaked.

    Put Moogle away. Isn’t it his bed time 😛 .


    i once rode the skyscrapper in wisconsin dells..and i swear i think i cried!

    No more doing stupid things to impress the ladies lol


  13. Hope you enjoyed your vacay 7aki
    Glad you decided to stay away Behemoth.. I am sure you realized that is not the way you want to make it on the news 😛

  14. bella: HAHAHAHA TRUE. I am having a great time 😀 . Got a tan to show for it.

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