When I Sneeze …

…. I feel that the baby will come out of my belly button so I hold my belly tight.


8 Responses

  1. You are really funny 7aki!! how far are you by the way? 5 months? you should know what you are having by now i think. have a great evening.

  2. Funnily enough, I always felt I had to hold on to my fetus when sneezing too… As if giving birth would be as abrupt as a single sneeze! HA! Good luck, and may your belly button return to its former glory once it’s all over. I actually got an upgrade, mine looked BETTER after having a big belly shove it out of shape!

  3. LOOOL thats cute.

  4. hehehe…inti nahfeh! How far are you 7aki?

  5. Hahahaha.
    does the baby kick when you sneeze?

  6. It’s easy

    Don’t sneeze

  7. 7akiiiiiiiii 7abebety you are pregnant!!

    i was away for sometime not reading blogs..i am so happy for you bil salameh inshalla ..

  8. Summer: I am 28 weeks now. so I am 7 months. Just got in my third trimester.

    I know what I am having 😀 . And I have another ultra sound in 2 weeks to hopefully know for sure.

    Teacher Lady: Honestly I don’t know why but i really feel like the baby or my uterus will explode when I sneeze. LOL. Funny eh. Yah I want my beautiful belly button to come back 😦 . And while we are at it also my ass to go back to it’s normal size. LOL.

    Batoul: hehehe

    Nido: Ballah you didn’t feel that? LOL. I am 7 moths exactly.

    Sister: the baby kicks aaaaaall the time. Baba 7aki took a picture of me by the way to send to you with the belly.

    KJ: OK I’m on it 😛

    Mala2et6: Thanks Mala2e6 😀 .

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