I Am Back To Work …

… And I can’t keep my eyes open to save my life. I want to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

– So I got a wicked tan while I was off. Are you jealous?

– My Belly is much bigger , I am 7 months pregnant now. The baby should weigh 2.5 pounds and it’s moving a lot, I swear to God I feel like the alien movie, it’s so weird when the baby moves I just feel  that my body is a host in some alien experiment. I know , I know , I watch too much TV.

– Did I say I am sleepy, DUDE, seriously I can’t keep my eyes open. I stayed up late last night cos I am stupid. And then little 7aki came to my bed saying (and I know it’s just a lie to get in bed with me) that she had a nightmare. So she hops in the bed and then amazingly every like half an hour or so her foot, head, leg or belly ends up on my face and I wake up. LOL. So yeah, zzzzzzzzz.

– I bought 3 dresses and a top and some some stuff when Baba 7aki was away so he was paying the VISA bill last night and he was like:”300 Dollars??? WHAAAAAAAAT”. HAHAHAHA.

I told him:” Well you thought I looked hot since you came back, so do u think me looking good comes cheap?” HAHAHAHA.

– We moved to a new work location and OMG I LOOOOOOOOVE IT. In the heart of downtown and today I discovered that there is a Lebanese place in the food court. This location is complete now, I can still get my shawerma fix but I have to try it out first and I hope they are good and they don’t desecrate the shawerma experience.

– I want a vacation.

– I look like a soccer ball and everybody tells me:” Awwww, you look sooo cute” . I guess in some cultures soccer balls are adorable cos honestly I don’t feel cute. heheeeeeee.

– Another thing I noticed. Since I became pregnant people are so much nicer to me. People at my daughters daycare who never talked to me before stop me and talk to me and want to know how things are going. And people in general smile at me and stuff. It’s bizarre. I think it’s the belly and I think that “The force is strong with this one“.

– I need to nap ASAP.

– OH OH, all last week I did not even read a word or even open a book. Bad 7aki BAD. But did I tell you that I have a wicked tan? So it’s ok that I have the dumb as long as I look hot, HAHAHAHAHA.

– Enough 7aki Fadi for today.


10 Responses

  1. “I guess in some cultures soccer balls are adorable” LMAO…

    t2omi bel salame

  2. I loved wearing dresses while pregnant 😀 so $300 is worth it!!
    7 months already!! mashallah 🙂 3assaree3 inti 7amlik :p

  3. Pregnanacy isn’t easy, you know British obstetricians have a famous saying, “pregnanacy is putting one step in grave”

    I hope that made you feel better
    but good luck 7aki fadi , I can totally relate to the my- belly-looks-like-a-soccer-ball feeling

  4. The belly has powers, rub belly for good luck 😉 (counter clockwise is the advised direction)

  5. You poor sad little thing! LOL!

    Cute? I am sure you looked horrible. I got proof 😛

  6. Sel3: Inshallah ya rab 🙂

    Nido: They are sooooooooo comfy. And the dresses I got I can also wear post pregnancy. See I tell hubs that I am a smart shopper 🙂 .
    Yeah I can’t believe how fast it’s going!

    Hareega: Allah yisim badanak ya zalameh. LOL. Shu one step in grave.
    I think my belly now is approaching the basket ball size. YIKES.

    Bambam: HAHAHAHA. Keefak inta man, yallah blog something 😛 .

    KJ: Whatever 😛 .

  7. This Hamza thing told me everything 😛

  8. Oh wow, someone is very productive on their first day back at work 😉

    Hope you got all caught up on sleep!

  9. what? you managed to go to the beach for tanning too? that’s awesome…

    oh..and just for the record, i haven’t chatted with KJ for almost a month..conclusion: he is lying..:P

  10. Bella: I slept so much that i suffered when i came back.

    Hamza: lol Hamza, I know he is lying I think Moogle takes over all the time.
    So how was your trip back? Too bad I didn’t get to see you before you left .

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