Is it only me …

… or are blogs kinda sorta becoming boring?


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  1. La2 mesh enti bas, it does become boring especially if you can’t think of anything to write..

  2. Qwaider and Maioush have been away.

    Sorry, they were the ones that helped me make fun of them and lighten up the blogoshpere. stay put, I’ll get something going soon. don’t go to far…

  3. I dunno…I just started a new blog and it is quite fun trying to get it back to the point that te old one was at. I’m hoping to make it even better so I guess that’s a bit of a challenge

  4. It’s the summer. Remember last year? Yup. It’s the summer.

  5. Only one of the blogs I read has increasing traffic. Most of them seem to be dying. Not really sure what it is, but something is going on. Seems like blogs have become a lot more hostile than they used to be, and most people don’t really enjoy spending their free time being exposed to that. Just a guess, though.

  6. it is a summer thing…i’d rather be going out and enjoying the warmth instead of being home blogging…especially that there is so much to do here…and i guess everyone is the same..

  7. I can’t speak for everyone else’s blog, but I know mine is getting boring. is tarted out writing every day, then every week, now it’s almost every two weeks. Somehow when I have something to say I still enjoy it though. The self-censorship doesn’t help. I hate it how whenever i write something interesting I have 20 people telling me to delete it 😦

  8. No it’s not only u!! As they said…It’s summer time! That’s the only explanation “I hope”!

  9. 7aki, I do agree to a degree in spite of the summer blahs. I think most of us know one another’s thoughts, have touched on most issues, and are out of surprises unless something big pops up.

    But I still love it!!!

  10. You are right! I feel it everywhere, it is now rare that something catch my eyes and excites me, and I don’t feel that I have ideas anymore to blog about as well! As kinzi said, we have touched most issues!!! :S

    Hope it is just the summer 😛

  11. Well, it might be true to an extent but I still check all the blogs I got addicted to but since it is summer I think everybody is either busy with sth or trying to have fun elsewhere ! I hate it on fridays ! being stuck with school I don’t get to go out late hehe so I chk and double chk then triple chk for posts and there is nothing , not even a silly boring blog entry !! I hate fridays on blogs ! 😦

  12. Yeah, i have noticed that the entire blogosphere seems to go in cycles where sometimes there is a period of drought and the majority of posts are boring .. and then all of a sudden things pick up and interesting things start to resurface.

  13. Yeah they are boring… Including mine that is!

  14. loool….I am the biggest example…look at the lst time I blogged 😛

  15. I meant LAST time I blogged

  16. it’s the summer, i guess!

  17. hi 7aki, This has nothing to do with this post, I just wanna tell u that the book you recommended for me is on the way 😀 I started already with the “cry it out” method,,, I wonder whether this book recommends it or not :s anyways…hope it’ll change our lives like it did to yours 🙂

  18. yup, boring!!!!

    Might be a summer thing, might be that everyone is away watching Noor and then reruns of noor (just kidding)

  19. i guess bloggers covered all topics coverable! and no its not only u, ana 7atta grefet my blog!


  20. It’s not only you. Trust me.

  21. Thanks all for commenting!

    Nido: I really hope it helps you. Please let me know how it goes 😀 . I am very interested to see if it works for you too.

  22. I feel the same way. I guess there is a certain novelty to blogging that quickly wears off. This is especially true when one is blogging in Jordan and is constantly reminded of how self censored he or she should be (even if anonymous – because we all know that anonymity is irrelevant if certain people REALLY want to get to know you).

  23. There’s always something interesting popping out every while and then,
    but in my honest opinion very few blogs should not have existed.

  24. […] for the lack of blogging lately. I am definitely not helping with the boring blog status 7aki was talking about. The news is boring, same nonsense that makes you want to jump off a cliff. The […]

  25. Tallouza: honestly, the social self censorship is really annoying and I do it too. That is one of the things that comes with being in a conservative culture.

    Agreed. Yallah ana biddi another Arabic story ya Hareega. I am always on the floor laughing when you post one.

  26. Aww, poor 7aki. This feeling you have is just because I have not been blogging.

    Don’t worry, hanat, in a week or so I will have my new computer (INSHA ALLAH!!!!) and I will be back to blogging… and you won’t be so bored anymore 😀

  27. LOL Bella!
    Mazboot, your absence got me REALLY REALLY bored .

    I read your post, Listen, I have an Acer and I love it, nobody ever recommends an Acer mish 3arfeh leh! I’ve had it for like 2-3 years and KNOCK ON WOOD ” not one issue EVER. And they are priced right.

  28. ______________
    (O) (O)
    ( __________ )

    Felt like being artsy and try and spice things up a little. See, not so boring, no?

  29. HAHAHAHA neutron. Cool image, is that a rendition of you 😛 LOL.

  30. Is it that or is it that we spend more time online, are consuming more blogs, and just want more, faster?

    Also, in the real world, it seems we’re tangled in the same old issues and keep fretting about how to address them in new ways. Same old, same old from the real world.

  31. 7aki, you know it 😉 It’s all about the bowl cut!

  32. Its either the summer or there is something soon to be out … which will kill blogging

  33. There’s nothing of substance to be said. That is why your idea of a blog is the greatest thing. Who can ever get bored of 7aki fadi?
    First timer : )


  34. No, it is not only you. It is summer time 🙂

    Add me to the list of people who are bored with their own blogs.

    Oh and also pthe list of people who are envious of others going to Jordan on vacation.

  35. Agreed,
    Being an exclusive commenter with no blog..I can start messing with you by saying..
    You blogger people are boring! “shall I go on?”

    and I’ll finish by simply saying “Can’t Touch This! “

  36. Sabeur: I guess it’s the summer

    Tee: Welcome to the blog.

    Hala: Please add me to the list of people who are envious of others going to Jordan on vacation. BIDDIIIIIIIIII

    Mr. Anon: .:)

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