Who Will I Marry?

Me: When you get bigger sweetie you will get pregnant too and have a big belly like me and have a baby.

Little 7aki: Will I be here living with you and baba when I have the baby?

Me: No sweetie you will be married and live with your husband

Little 7aki: And who will be my husband? (Has an alarmed look on her face)

Me: I don’t know, when you are older you will pick your husband.

Little 7aki: But will I stay here with you and baba?

Me: I am sure you will have your own house.

Little 7aki with a determined look on her face: I want to marry you and baba so I can stay here.

Me:  (FA3ES) : Maybe when you are older , like really much older you will change your mind but don’t worry , you will stay with me and baba for a loooooooooooooong time.

Little 7aki: Yes, because I love you and want to stay here for a long long long long time.


18 Responses

  1. cute … very cute!


  3. oooooh.. 7ayati,
    give her a huge fa3sa from me

  4. lol little 7aki is a real lazza! :p

  5. soooo adorable!!

  6. lool, that’s too cute!

  7. I used to tell my mother that I wanted to marry her, when I was a child. I recall a very similar conversation.
    12 years later, I am not as keen on being my own step-father.
    Weird huh?

    Cute nonetheless.

  8. Fantastic post! When she’s 18+ and articulating a passionate pitch why she wants to move out, send her this link 🙂

  9. what’s wrong with you? you are discussing marriage already with her?

    7aram 3aleiki..let her enjoy her childhood. You don’t want her going to her school colleagues and tell them I wanna marry mom and dad..NOT good…not goood.

  10. ooh….so sweettt…

  11. hehehehehehehhehehe

    I think she should be more alarmed that she will be with you for a long long long long time 😛

    Show her this post when she’s in her teens hehehe

  12. so cuteeeee:) jad bidha fa3es 😉

  13. LOOOL!! Cute…

  14. Shalabieh, Simply Me : Thanks 😀 .

    Sister: I fa3astah extra for you.

    T, Razan, neturon : I love her so much 🙂 . THanks.

    Yazan: Awwwww, sooo sweet but if you reach a certain age and you still say it it sounds creepy, LOL.

    ArabianMonkey: Exactly! This is to document that at some point she wanted to stay with us forever and ever. I am soo quoting it at her wedding 🙂 .

    Hamza: LOL walak ihda. She asked me will she have a baby like me when she is bigger so I started explaining it to her. LOL.

    Baliazura: Thanks and welcome to the blog.

    KJ: That’s my plan, show it to her whenever she rebels.

    Nido, Ola: Thaaaaanks 🙂 .


  16. […] & 50 seconds of the start of the video.. Here)~Ain’t it cute what li’l miss 7aki wished for here? Isn’t this what most of us girls wish for? Ha.. Not all that we wish for comes true.. But, but, […]

  17. hope that didn’t change already..

  18. thats kinda cute

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