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Now you see it, now you don’t

I want this bike

I want this bike

I went and watched “The Dark Night” on Monday and I will leave you with this image:

The Jokers idea of a magic trick is to make a pencil disappear in a mans head. Now you see it, now you don’t.

So yeah. Go watch it. I loved it and it gave me nightmares that night.

Apparently pregnant women have very very vivid dreams which are caused by … pregnancy… so I watched it and I could not but dream it all. Anything that happens to me during the day I have vivid dreams about at night so maybe watching it was not the smartest thing to do. But I loved it.

The joker was brilliantly creepy, the plot was smart because I could not predict ANYTHING and I am always usually the one ruining movies for people because I never fail to predict things but I sure was surprised again and again with this one.

The most annoying thing about the movie? Batman’s voice. I kept wanting to drink water whenever I heard him speak because I am sure he ended up with a sore throat after the movie was done.

Go watch it, unless dark movies give you nightmares.

I like dark movies.

While watching the previews 2 movies caught my eye: Tropic Thunder which I am dying to watch , it looks SUPER funny. In it Robert downy Junior plays a black man, he is unrecognizable, so funny.

could you spot Robert Dwoney Jr. ?

Could you spot Robert Downey Jr. ?

Another one is another comic called Watchmen, the same director that did 300 did this one , yeah if that doesn’t sell you then nothing will. Looks OUTSTANDING. Watch the trailer.

Same director as 300

Same director as 300

In other news this weekend is a long weekend so I am phsyced about that. And the weather for a change doesn’t SUCK with rain.  Or that’s what the weatherman said.


11 Responses

  1. I think the bike is much more appropriate for Batman than the bat-mobile he used int he previous movies. That’s his thing, he’s the superhero that look like a villain!

  2. OMG OMG OMG he is the iron man dude! (forgive my ignorance in movies and actors) but OMG he is the iron man dude how the heck they did it! OH MY GOD!

  3. Hani: The bike is soooooooooo awesome!

    Sell3: I KNOW!!!! the makeup artist did one hell of a job eh?

  4. I miss going to the movies!! How do you do it with yr little 7aki? do you leave her with her dad or something?! When did you start going to the theater after she was born?!
    Hope Im not being too nosy here 🙂

  5. I loved the Dark Knight movie, gave me the same feeling as a kid watching the 1st batman movie, and the Joker character is amazing,his sick mind kept me laughing the whole time.

    All that aside, batman should not ride a bike!! or any of these stupid cars and planes of previous movies, his only ride should be the original car of the 1st movie with that big jet engine at front!

    By the way..I just tend to mess with ppl that I like, and consider fakhmeen, so go figure..

  6. oh Sheesh … 7aki is bout as candian as they come eh ?
    but seriously, bloody brilliant (plus the voice it did get on my nerves but thats why i liked it, it was contrasting very well when he was having conversations with the joker and fits the motto “why so serious ! ” )

  7. Dark Knight is awesome and yes I second you on Batman’s voice. sheesh!

  8. I dunno if its only me but I kind of noticed that you tend to always associate things you see with things you wanna own or buy.

    I am already imagining you sneaking to the set the next time they shoot the third movie of batman and you go and “permanently borrow” batman’s bike. 😛

  9. Nido: Oh no not being nosy at all! I get a girls night out once a week where baba 7aki takes care of the little one and I go watch a movie, have dinner or whatever I want to do kinda keeps me sane 🙂 .
    I really can’t remember the first time I went but my mom was here and my mother in law was here so I would leave her with them. Not too early on though because little 7aki wanted to eat 24/7 so maybe she was around 2 – 3 months when I first did since she was exclusively breastfed and I had to be no more than 15 minutes away or hell would break loose.

    Mr Anon: Come on man the bike is WICKED. Did you know that his car ,the current one, was designed by a Canadian? they held a design competition and he won it.

    Bambam: Hehehehe, you like that eh?

    I just felt the voice was a bit unnatural and he was straining himself to make it. By the way, have you ever seen Bale in an interview? They had this thing on him on ET or something and they had 3 separate interview clips with him and in one he had a British accent, in the other a Brooklyn one and the third one was normal, I wonder if he stays in character or he likes to fuck with the interviewers heads.

    KJ: Yup. I think you should have the joker in your head instead of moogle.

    Hamza: oooh I would love to permanently borrow it. I wonder if it comes with a baby seat 😛 .

  10. just thought of telling you that I watched the movie yesterday and it was AMAZING so hilarious I literally LMAO. extremely profane but that made it even funnier.

  11. oh! the movie that is tropic thunder 😛

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