EW..An exchange at 7aki’s office

I am not sure if you remember one of our coworkers that goes by the name Alex , click the link, he is featured in exchange 2 but just to recap he is known to be the cheapest man alive. Oh and he’s kinda dirty too.

Bob: I forgot to tell you the best Alex story…..
The other day he was wearing only shorts in the morning so l asked him if wearing shorts was appropriate (only joking). His response…”I forgot my pants at home”.  That is right up there if his excuse ” I forgot my computer at home” (Yes he once showed up to work and he had forgotten his laptop at home. OMG HAHAHAHAHA).

Anyways, he goes down to MEXX and buys a pair of pants to wear at work.  l’m surprised he would buy at MEXX – because its expensive.  Later in the day, after wearing the pants all day, he put them back in the bag and l don’t know for sure, but l think he was returning them.

Just amazing. And l still hate you.

7aki: OMFG. Imagine who is going to wear the pants after him if he returned them…ewwwwwwwwww.

Bob: The kicker….He rides his bike…so he gets very sweaty.
Still hate you.

7aki: But I love you.

Bob hates me because I am leaving him/work for a whole year to take care of peanut and whenever I get the opportunity I rub it in his face and tell him, “haha, sucks to be yooooooouuuuuuu”.

Bob wishes he was pregnant too. What men would do for a year off.

Yesterday I finalized my paper work and my last day at work? Sept 1st, wooooohoooooooooooo.

Gosh I love Canada, Will be off and get paid for a whole year. LOVE IT.


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  1. GREAT! Now I get to read some 7aki fadi! I mean, come on, I know I’m a new reader but I’ve been checking back here like I’m in some sorta stalker mode and every grrr time I get to see that grrr batman post! You’d ask why don’t I read the older stuff, I do.. but sometimes I need new. Ok, I think it’s the poison I just drank doing the typing now. Anyway. Thanks for writing. And all the best to you with peanut! Keep us updated now that you’ll have more time for 7aki khalee.

  2. Right. So. Here’s the thing:

    a) You finish work Sept 1. I START work, new job, new life, new EVERYTHING, on Sept 1. That must mean something, no?

    And also…

    b) What are you on about? I go to work and forget my laptop at home at least once every two weeks, and have to turn around and go back home the minute I reach my desk at work.

    OK OK FINE. Once a week, at least. WHATEVER, I HATE SHIT ON MY MIND.

  3. HAVE shit. Not HATE shit. Altho, really? I prob hate shit too.

  4. looool how gross.
    Awesome, quality time with lil 7aki and peanut 😀

  5. a whole year off?!? wow!! I’m speechless!
    I met a lady visiting from Canada last week and she said that she dreams abt moving to CA! Main reason is the cold weather there…
    If I were her with such a privilege, plus the health insurace thing I’d stay in Canada for ever!!

  6. LOL my God are people that cheap!? how gross! and wow a year? thats amazing, here all u get is 45 days lol we have no time u know, we’re busy and running all day long!

    t2oumi bil salameh sweets 🙂

  7. ewwwwwwwwww…not to self…never let anyone i know buy pants from Mexx downtown……i will send out a warning to all the guys i know around here….what colour was it…more details please…
    wow already taking mat leave.

  8. A whole year??? Wow, Canada is awesome!! (but then again, I always knew that!)
    What are you going to do with yourself for a whole year 7aki 😀 Poor Bob, he doesn’t know what he’s gonna do without you!!

    Et2oomi bessalameh insha Allah and enjoy your sleepless nights…err, time off 😉

  9. That’s so funny, I know an Alex just like him. Except I bet my Alex is way uglier than your Alex but he doesn’t eat sausages for lunch so I guess is kinda evens out.

  10. I would actually love to wear shorts to work, I only get to do that on Fridays 😦

    Forgetting your laptop at home one time isn’t realy that big of a deal. Although buying pants that you definitely know you’ll return is cheap. Sometimes I wanna return something when I find it doesn’t really fit, but I’m too much of a wimnp!

    I’d guess taking care of a baby is harder than working for a year. Is it ?

  11. Tee: Hahahaha. Stalk the blog as much as you want.

    Like OMG Sept 1st for both of us like OMG soooo exciting (valley girl) lol,
    BUT you will be experiencing new places and shopping for cool furniture while I wipe some poop and have a baby stuck to my boob so yeah the similarity’s end at Sept 1st. waaaaaa333333333.

    Well Hal, this guy is the most unorganized man in the world and he would forget his mother.

    On second thought you forgot you grandfather once didn’t you? LOOOOL . So ummmm, yeah.

    Batoul: Yup, quality time with the bambino’s 🙂

    Nido: Yeah seebeek min the US and come pop out kids in Canada . Bas just to let you know, I think Australia and England are the same, you get a year off 🙂 . Gosh I love Canada, women rule here 😀 .
    Yeah giving birth in Canada is free, imagine going to the hospital , giving birth and coming out without even paying 1 penny, insane. And take the baby to the doctor and shots and everything, you leave the doctor clinic and you don’t pay a penny. It’s Amazing wallah we are blessed here 🙂

    VA: Gol3at this guy I swear. 45 days illegal 3anjad. You barely recover and they dump you at work. No wonder no Arabs breast feed any more since you gotta go to work so soon.

    Sam: Hahahaha. I should ask Bob about the pant color.
    Well I have banked some vacation so I will use it before my mat leave. My official mat leave starts Sept 15th.

    Bella: OMG what will I do for a year, hmmm let me see, feed, wipe poop, feed, rock…LOL pretty much. But I am lookign forwrard, mom is hopefully hopefully coming to stay for a while so that will be great 😀 .

    And Bob, he is suffering from withdrawals already, but don’t worry about him, he already lined up a new girlfriend, LOL.

    Neutron: Uglier??? I doubt it. Sausage ans sausage particles. I rest my case. EW .
    Please share your Alex stories. Always fun.

    Hani: Shorts are allowed but he was kinda wearing sporty bike shorts so it’s kinda not up to dress code so he had to change them.
    About the year, yeah having a baby and taking care of it is hard work. But at least it’s your own flesh and blood eh, makes it worth it 🙂 .

  12. Yea, It’s amazing 3andkom…when I was pregnant I wached Sicko and I was SHOCKED abt the diff. between health insurance here and there!
    Enjoy it 😀 Bissalameh inshallah:D

  13. Under normal circumstance I would curse but I won’t. Cuz mom is coming to make me wara2 3enab special for another week 😛 be jealous

  14. alex should be dangled from the top of your building, each and every morning, emptying his pockets…until he learns not to be cheap..

    so..you’re approaching zero hour, tawli balek 3alaih..I don’t blame HIM for not wanting to come out to this world on his own.

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