A Future Glimpse: Jordanian Blogsphere Post Topics in Ramadan.

Here is a glimpse into the future to what the topics will be like on the Jordanian blog sphere during the holy month of Ramadan:

– Someone will complain that the people just fast and do nothing else like be angry and gossip and what not.

– Someone will complain:  OMG why can’t people leave me the hell alone if I don’t want to fast? It’s a personal choice.

– Someone will complain about people wasting so much food in Ramadan , since when is Ramadan about eating? It’s about sacrifice and worshiping God.

– Someone will post Abu mahjoob caricature either protesting the prices in Ramadan, the gluttony of the people, or the state of the workforce during Ramadan.

– Someone will complain: Since when is Ramadan going for argeeleh and playing cards? What about worshiping God?

– Someone will post pictures of food (heheheh that would be actually welcome)

– Someone will complain about why do we need short hours in Ramadan and how the country goes in a stand still . BUT WHY? why can’t it be just a regular day?

– Someone will post about how people are obsessed with TV in Ramadan and maybe recap the musalsalat that are going on.

– Maioush will say: Il Roz lissa ma istawa. HAHAHAHAHAHA

– Then when Eid comes, someone will protest about the silliness of just visiting someone who was at your house 10 minutes ago and how they’re dying from the sweets and coffee they had to endure and how young couples escape to Aqaba or something.

– The ultimate post where someone will complain about all the above

So this basically covers almost anything that would be said about Ramadan and guess what, it already started.

Ramadan Mubarak Y’all


26 Responses

  1. LOOOL.


    oskoti mesh estawa hadak el youm!!!!!!!!! Samer started taking pictures ya 7aram, i think he was saying to himself, this might be the first and last time HEHEHEHEHE
    bs 3an jad LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!! 7elweh mennk 3ala ramadan, ramdan kareem mama 7aki 🙂


  4. Yazan: hehehe

    Mai: Akheeeeeeeeeeran il roz istawa. It’s like my favorite post of all time.
    Ramadan mubarak ya Maioush 🙂

    Razan: It’s true it’s true, you just wait and see.

  5. hada men el shoofat elle shofteeha lol
    btw how long have you been blogging? like 2-3 years?

  6. Maher: 1 year 8 months

  7. Happy Ramadan, I would post that I need two Ramadan’s per year for the short working hours we enjoy 🙂

  8. i wonder what u will be blogging about…i am taking the easy route and not fasting..so no ramadan complaints from me…ah wait hubby will be fasting and he is a bear without his smokes…god help me!

  9. […] a post is over, I must say that I do not take full credit for it since it was inspired and based on 7aki’s post, and I spiced it up a bit, just to write the ultimate post she mentioned 😛 Thank you […]

  10. Observer: I think hte short work hours are great to whoever does not fast 🙂 . Happy Ramadan to you too.

    Sam: yup, gotta love Ramadan when i don’t have to fast. I always take the easy way out because I can’t handle fasting while pregnant or nursing.
    Allah yee3nek 3alla your bear. hehehe

  11. ok, you’ve blew it for me Mrs 7aki

    *hamza has to think of 3 new posts for this Ramadan* 😛

  12. wow you must be psychic 🙂

  13. wow.. you really summed it all up! I’m guessing the blog-o-sphere will be on a snooze towards the middle of the month this Ramadan, especially with the long summer hours of fasting!

    happy Ramadan ya 7akii 😀

  14. ta7sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh great one LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  15. hamza: yallah think outside the post.

    Hani: my psychic powers are unparalleled.

    secratea: I am sure it will be rough on people since it’s a loooong day.
    Happy Ramadan to you too 😀 .

    KJ: 😀 .

  16. Ramadan Kareem!

    Fawazeer @ mab3oos

  17. wishing you and your growing family a very blessed ramadan. Enjoy!

  18. Ramadan Kareem 7aki, yen3ad 3aleiki =)

  19. Hey 7aki!

    Came by to wish you a Ramadan Mubarak!

    Yella, all ze best : )

  20. hehe mnee7a 😀

  21. mab3oos,summer,Tala, Tee :Ramadan Mubarak to all of you 🙂

    Mo: 🙂

  22. You missed the traffic, so now I will go and blog about that! (You know, so you have to update your post about how someone will complain about the traffic… teehee)

  23. […] lack the cultural sensitivity gene, so… maybe I’ll get the American pass on that one). But, since 7aki Fadi and Bakkouz both posted about Ramadan and failed to mention my biggest pet peeve, I’m going for […]

  24. HAHAHA MommaBean, you are right, I totally forgot about traffic complaints! Now with your post the list is complete 🙂

  25. loved ur post! congratultions for the beaby girl as well.
    On a side note, I have news tp share!!The first ever virtual job fair in Jordan is taking place from October 19 to 23 and is being conducted by Bayt.com. I thought I’d share the news as many of us are constantly looking for better opportunities right here in out home country.. The list of participating employers looks interesting to me and the whole event has creativity drawn all over it!!!! Jin Quickly: only 3 days to go! Follow the link to join: http://virtualjobfair.bayt.com/ and best of luck everybody!

  26. Thank you so much Dalia for sharing this link. I spent my evening yesterday going around employer booths and chatting to representatives right from my house!
    this is such a cool idea from Bayt.com really!

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