Daddy Said a Bad Word

We were out at a mall with friends visiting from Dubai. Baba 7aki was talking to my friends husbnad and i was talking to my friend and all of a sudden.

Little 7aki whispering: Mama, Mama. Baba said a bad word.

Me : Oh no. What did he say?

Little 7aki: He said “Assets”.

Me: HAHAHAHAHHAHA. That’s not a bad word sweetie.

Little 7aki: What does it mean?

Try and explain what assets mean to a 4 year old. I told her assets are something valuable that we own.

Speaking of bad words, Lets say baba 7aki has an issue with withholding the swear words in front of little 7aki. He swears like a trucker.

So one time he said shit or something, little 7aki runs to me and says: “Mama mama baba said “shit””. I think she delights in telling me that her daddy is saying a bad word  so she can repeat it.

So I look at baba 7aki and I say:“tsk tsk tsk”. Then I tell little 7aki: “You know what, maybe we should put soap in his mouth to wash out the filthy words”. Little 7aki zooms out of sight sooooo fast and brings a bar of soap from the bathroom and tells her daddy to put it in his mouth HHAHAHAHA. Much to his protest.  I tell him: “You better put it in your mouth since you were swearing”.

This has developed into a ritual, baba 7aki would be talking, not realizing he said shit or ass or whatever delightful bad word and all of a sudden he sees little 7aki in front of him with the bar of soap saying: ” Put it in your mouth” so baba 7aki bites it with his lips and she would say: ” No no I want teeth, TEETH” meaning , you gotta bite on it buddy.

So now she just goes up to him with the bar of soap and says: “Teeth”. HAHAHAHAHA

The other day in the car baba 7aki the trucker mouth said something bad and little 7aki was like: “TSK TSK TSK, I wish we had soap”

LMAO. This girl is a character I tell ya!


13 Responses

  1. hahaha.
    That’s so cute.

    When I was a child, at a time when child abuse was a thing parents were proud of, my mum and aunt threatened me and my cousin with washing our mouths if we used a bad word.

    We were once caught cussing the neighbors, and then my Mum actually made me bite into soap, but my aunt, after seeing the expression on my face, decided not to do the same with her son.

    How unfair.

    Sorry, I know the story was irrelevant, but I kinda trailed off in a flashback. 🙂


  3. Yazan: No no it’s totally related man. So not fair what your aunt did.

    Sara: Thanks ya sara , sweet as always.

  4. You’re daughter is the cutest thing ever! Bless!

  5. LOL, that’s really funny. My mother used to warn us with the soap too. She never made us bite into it though. Do you make little 7aki do that?

  6. Diptychal: Thanks!

    Roba: Baba 7aki doesn’t bite it really but she gets a kick out of telling him teeth because it makes him laugh.

  7. looool feisty little thing. Wait until she can read this post, shes gonna make you wash the hands you typed with haha

  8. Batoul: hahahaha, that’s right! Well she can’t read it till she is 13.

  9. LOOOOOOOOOOOL…I looooooooooooove little 7aki. this is one of the best stories I heard about her. I really respect her handing soap attitude..hahaahhaah

  10. Now I feel bad for baba 7aki 🙂

  11. Hehehehe, this is so adorable!

    I never had a problem with swearing. In fact, I couldn’t get myself to say ‘damn’ until I was 17 or 18. I still have never uttered the F word. (It makes my friends eager to hear me say it but I’m not gonna give them the pleasure).


  12. Baba 7aki says: “wait till you get older ya fa93ooneh w ana bafarjeeki inti w emmek” LOL

  13. Hamza: 😀 .

    Hani: 7aram baba 7aki, we abuse him

    Hala: You are like my mom, we tried many times to get her to say ANYTHING nd no use.

    KJ: hahahaha

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