I kissed a Girl And I Liked it!

Can someone PLEASE get this song out of my head???? It has the most stupid lyrics but I can’t stop signing along, if I hear it on the Radio or wherever I HAVE to sing along. Check it out.

And shhh don’t tell baba 7aki I told you but I caught him singing it the other day, HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA.

I told him: “DUDE, do you even realize the lyrics you are singing?” LMAO.

He was like : “Holy crap” He was shocked that he was singing it.

But to his defense, it is a very catchy tune, you can’t help but sing it!

At least he stopped singing: “I’m not a girl , not yet a woman” by Britney Spears. AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. LMAO.

He seriously needs to pay attention whenever he sings along, he just doesn’t listen to the lyrics. Hehehe


20 Responses

  1. hahaha LMAO at ‘im not a girl, not yet a woman’.
    i used to like that song (it has a catchy tune), and once it came on the radio, and i started to sing out loud, and then i looked around, my friends were like WTF!


  2. o.m.g. 7aki, you sound like that colleague of yours that doesn’t stop singing with this song stuck on your mind.

  3. I kissed a girl, the best song in human history. Kate Perry has aother song called ur so gay!

  4. LOOOOOOOL , that was hilarious !!

    shoot me but I like the tune!!

  5. Yazan: HAHAHAHA so my husband is not the only one!!! ta7sheeeeesh, when he sang “the I’m not a girl” song I taunted him for DAYS.

    Batoul: NO no I sing in my head or by myself in the car not in public.

    Hareega: Man I just can’t stop liking it although the lyrics are just STUPID.

    Lostwithin: ME TOOOOOO.

  6. In psychology when a song is stuck in the head it is a symptom of stress.

    But don’t you hate it when hideous songs get stuck!?! I’ve had a couple of Fairuz songs I HATE stuck in my head on infinite loop for the past week

  7. Allah ysam7ek .. now it’s stuck in my head too 😦

    Ramadan Mubarak to the 7aki family

  8. KJ: Really? I thought it’s a symptom of a catchy tune 😛 .

    Qwaider: Go sing it to Mai, lol.
    Ramadan Mubarak to you guys too.

  9. She’ll probably slaughter me for it 😛

  10. LOL!!!

    The first time I heard this song was when a British teenage boy in the school I’m volunteering in, interrupted my conversation with the principle (she’s British too) to show us the video of this song he was crazy about.

    He actually LOVED the lyrics!
    While my was only frowning at him saying angrily: I kissed a girl, I hope my boyfriend don’t mind it!!??? 😐

    And I was like, is he serious? 😛

  11. never heard of it. But that’s one catchy title for a post!!!

  12. when i was in the states over this summer, this song was always on the radio….it just got stuck to my head for days at a time!! silly song.

  13. You’re lucky with that song!
    I got the macgyver intro theme stuck in my had for the past two days..

  14. Dedicated to him :HAHHA . Watcha gonna do with teenagers habayel.

    Mab3oos: Well now I educated you about this song.

    Summer: It’s funny how it sticks isn’t it?

    Mr Anon:Mcgyver???? Inta qadeeeeeeem.

  15. I can’t.. because I can’t stop singing it along too :S

  16. simply you: hopeless case.

  17. It is the song for the ending summer with Kid Rock’s “All Summer Long”, at least for me 🙂 I like the tune and the lyrics, and what is interesting; she started as a christian singer.

    It is always fun reading your blog.

  18. oh please not this song.

    this song and “just dance” by Lady Gaga were the most songs that were played on the radio when I was in Toronto and I haaaaaaaaaaated them. As you said, stupid lyrics

    for the last week, there has been a couple of Assi Hellani Songs that I haven’t heard in over 2 years that are stuck in my head..so, i have no idea what this means

  19. FM: It is always fun reading your comments 🙂

    Hamza: yeah man all the radio stations here are stuck on it so you have to hear it more than once a day.

  20. Could be worse, I was once caught singing:

    I’m a bitch I’m a mother, I’m a child a mother, I wouldn’t want it any other way 😀

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