Is it Normal…

… that whenever I see this emoticon 😯 I crack up?

What’s your favorite?


18 Responses

  1. lol! yes it’s normal! I cant copy the one I like :/ bas it’s a crazy person with crazy hair

  2. loool that emoticon reminds me of you anyway hahah

  3. can’t post it here

  4. chika: You gotta post it on your blag. You are tagged.

    Batoul: Laish you imagine me as a person masdoom? LOL

    Hareega: COME ON . Tab I tag you to do it on your blog too 🙂

  5. 😯 yes this is my favorite, and as Batoul said, it reminds me of you and sister 7aki cuz she was asking how to write it which is how I learned, is she your real world sister btw?


    My favorite is this:

    Followed by this:

  7. Hahaha
    it’s my ultimate favorite too.. oh and I totally forgot how to do it. I’m a hopeless case … HELP :S

  8. my favorites are on Yahoo!
    the 😛 and the :)) and the =))
    the :)) ba7eso byed7ak sa7 !! y3ni like reaaaalllly laughing , a sincere smiley hehe

  9. Sel3: Yeah she’s my real sis 🙂 .

    KJ:HAHAHAHA ta7sheesh those emoticons

    sister: inti hopeless case it’a an 8 followed by capitol O

    lostwihin: Hehehehe.

  10. Those are the best

    I almost never use emotion icons, maybe I should so ppl would know more what I’m on about and not take it all seriously..then my club haters would shrink a bit..

    ..on a second thought..Naa I’d never give up on my premium members!

  11. LOL at KJ…

    I totally agree with lostwithin…yahoo has the best smileys..they are very descriptive especially the ones rolling the eyes.

  12. Personally, I’m all for the flushing toilet available only on Trillian (you know it combines your msn, aol, and yahoo contacts into one IM place). I mean, who HASN’T needed a flushing toilet to describe exactly what you think of someone who keeps bothering you?

  13. i like this one .. it’s not a fave or anything .. i just like it 😀

  14. Mr Anon: hehehe these are funny.

    Hamza: Really> I am not familiar at all with the yahoo smilys, gotta check em out.

    MommaBean: So many times I wished I could flush people down the toilet

    mo: 😀

  15. :O

  16. Wait. why didn’t it show? O_o

  17. Hey 7aki:) How have you been?! Did the baby arrive yet? Hope all went good and you and baby in great condition :))

  18. Hey Nido, Nope the baby is still occupying real-estate in my belly.

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