I couldn’t have said it better myself

“I’m feeling very DONE, either way. My skin is stretched beyond insanity, my ribs feel bruised, the heartburn is unbearable (I get it from EVERYTHING, including WATER THAT IS TOO COLD), and I’ve started throwing up again. My clothes don’t fit, I’ve graduated to the uber-sexy nursing bras, and I’m already not sleeping. Bring it, baby. Let’s get the real party started.
I’ll provide the footwear.”

Yup, EXACTLY how I feel but I am 37 weeks now, I am due on October 6th.


In other news my mom is coming on Saturday, wooohooo, can’t wait. I havn’t seen her since July 2005. Imagine? So I can’t wait to see her and little 7aki can’t wait to see her.

I have been off for a couple of weeks now, I took my vacation time that I saved during the year and I am sooo glad I did, OMG I love not having to go to work.

Getting some things done here and there, cooking more healthy for the family instead of eating out and junky food so I am happy about that.

But honestly, the baby needs to come out. I no longer look like a cute soccer ball, I graduated to a blimp!

Yup, this is me.

Yup, this is me.


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  1. 7aram 7aki…it is ok, few more weeks…at least it is not the middle of summer and u cant breath from the heat…it could be worse…

  2. Ya rab t2oomi bil salameh … allah yhawwinha yaaa rab.
    You’re almost there, you will deliver a beautiful healthy baby inshallah and you will forget all of this pain.
    May Allah be with you all the time, and give you health and strength

    Libras are the best. He’s going to be a fantastic kid 🙂

  3. wow october 6th. that’s very close, good luck.
    What’s disturbing to me is that I feel exactly like you and the person you’ve quoted without even being pregnant.

    Good luck with labor

  4. LOOOOOL @ “I no longer look like a cute soccer ball, I graduated to a blimp!”
    yalla bilsalameh, inshalla!

  5. Soccer balls are designed to be kicked, cute or not 😛

    Inshalla bel salameh 🙂

  6. Sam: You are right, it could have been worse, I could have been working 😯 .

    Qwaider: Thanks for the nice wishes.

    Hareega: HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA. OH MAN you never seize to make me laugh. HILARIOUS. I am glad I am not the only one feeling like that 😛 .

    Secratea: Hehehe, Thanks.

    KJ: 😛 . Thanks.

  7. blimp? What message do you carry?
    miskeeneh, I hope the last few are quick to go wo bt2oumi bl salameh. *hug*

  8. Couple weeks to go… my wife is about 8 weeks away from bringing us our first girl. We’ll be having her here in Amman. We already have 2 boys.
    I’m kinda new to the Jordanian blogging community.

    i’ll be keeping an eye on your blog. 🙂


  9. i am pretty sure teh baby wants to get out as much as you want it out!! inshallah in no time the baby will be here healthy and happy!
    i cannot beleive you have not seen your mom in three long years!!! you must be sooooooooo excited, i would be! I am excited for you! inshallah your mom and the baby will both get here bissalameh and you will be in good hands soon. 🙂

  10. can’t say i’m sorry! i’m all for kids! drive me nuts!
    may your children be as funny as you are!

    t2oomi bilsalameh inshallah!

  11. It’ll be over soon enough. Then you won’t be able to sleep because the baby’ll be crying, not dping gymnastics within you.

  12. Don’t rush the process, baby will come when the time is right, I only say this because 12 months ago I was in hospital waiting to give birth to my beautiful son who was arriving 8 weeks early due to my water breaking at 27 weeks.
    All i wished for from that time was an extra day each day so that he could be stronger.
    I met many wonderful people with abnormal pregnancys and we all sat in hospital hoping that we could keep baby in for a little longer.
    After 3 completely normal full term pregnancys this was a shock to me.
    When it all sails along with just minor things we don’t realise how many women there are out there with major problems.
    Savour every minute of your pregnancy because once baby comes the hard work starts.

    I wish you all the very best with the new addition.

  13. lol, awesome pick of “you” there. The striping effect this pregnancy is giving you is impressive! Best of luck.

  14. wow, you’re like a few weeks away

    yala, at least you’ll have your mom there to entertain you.. no more posts with BIDDI MAMA from 7aki, right!!! 😀

    it2oomi bessalameh insha Allah.. good luck girl. You pregnant ladies have all my respect, I have no idea how you do it!!!!!

  15. what’s with all those ppl? everybody feel sorry for 7aki but none of those are feeling the suffering of Peanut. Peanut is tired of being stuck in this “blimp” for over 8 months and he wants OUT..

    3 more weeks baby…3 more weeks

  16. Ohhhh 7akiii!!! inshallah bissalameh:) I’m so excited for you and it’s great that your mom is gonna be there for you after all these years…wow!
    You’ll finally be eating malfooooof 😀

  17. OMG I haven’t been here in ages!! you’ve been knocked up girl!!

    Congrats hun, i know i’m late 😦

  18. hang in there lady ..ur the Lead Zeppelin.

  19. Batoul: Well the message is 7aki Fadi of course! hehehe
    Thanks Batoul.

    Tim: Girls are soooo precious, I have a girl myself. Good luck to your wife 🙂 .

    I will definitely also follow your blog, looks really interesting!

    Summer: I am super excited, I really missed my mom and time flies my goodness I couldn’t belive it’s been 3 years.
    Thanks for the nice wishes :).

    Mazz: Thanks Maz 🙂 .

    Faemom: I know, the work of a mom never ends does it .

    Bev: You are absolutely right, I am very thankful since I have zero complications and I read and see so many sad stories of difficult pregnancies and the anxiety that comes with it.
    Thanks for the nice wishes 🙂 .

    Harfax: HAHAHAHA. Well it does look funny doesn’t it. Doesn’t feel funny though when you look like one 😦 . lol

    Bella: yay you are back 🙂 .
    Yes no more biddi mama posts, maybe I’ll have bas ya mama posts, lol.
    Thanks Tinker.

    Hamza: See Hamza, these are LOYAL readers 😛 . hehehehehe. All loyal to 7aki. But trust me, baby is not comfy either. sigh.

    Nido: I am soo happy al7amdulillah, I am sooo lucky my mom was able to come 😀 .
    About malfoof, that would be my mother in law, my mom kinda does not do malfoof as good, LOL. Bas mansaf, I am WAITING.

    Elijah: Heeeeey, were have you been girl! Good to see you back!
    And yeah, I am going to pop soon.

    Anon: Thanks 🙂 .

  20. t2oomi bil salameh .. ur tags made me laugh btw (biddi mama, biddi my mother-in-law, kill me now)

  21. 7aki,

    I always wonder how it feels to have a living being growing inside you… Let’s hope the baby comes out soon 😉 No delays baby!

    best wishes 😉

  22. OH man… I remember that feeling! Makes labour all the more desirable!

  23. Inshalla t2ome bel Salameh Mama 7aki:)

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