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Thanks Thanks Thanks!!!

Hi all.

It has been a crazy couple of weeks. CRAZY.

I would like to thank everybody who congratulated me in my previous post. You guys are great and the blogspehere would not be the same without you, for real!

I’ve really had no chance to log on or do any blog stuff. Did I say it has been crazy?

Usually I am not a stressed out person but baby peanut had some infant jaundice (which is very common in babies but seems to be worse when you give birth 2 weeks or more early) and she had trouble gaining weight the first week and a half so we have been going back and forth to the doctor to make sure she gets back on track. Jaundice was causing her to sleep a lot and not wake up to eat enough,  which caused her to not gain weight and get the doctor all hyper and worried, which got me hyper and worried, which reduced my milk production, hence baby was not getting enough milk so it was a catch 22. We had to do everything imaginable to get baby to wake up and eat.

To make a long story short. Now peanut is gaining weight, mama 7aki is not AS stressed so everything is good now 😀 . alhamdulliah, knock on wood.

A stressed out hormonal new mom is not a good thing TRUST ME.

Also happy belated Eid to all.

Also I missed reading you guys, have not read a post since Sept 21. WOW has to be a new world record for me, LOL. So I have lots of catch up to do. Any new news anybody wants to share in the comment section?

In other news it seems that the economy in the states and in North America mostly and around the world is fucked. All the TV channels and magazines talk about is the economy hence this funny mock cover of the economist.



So bye for now and I’ll see you when I see you.

15 Responses

  1. LOL! That’s an instant classic!
    Allah ya3teeki el fafyeh mama 7aki .. You’re seriously a trooper. May your life be filled with joy, happiness and a lot of Fa3is from all the little 7akis 🙂

    The blogosphere is not going anywhere. We all miss you, and we’ll all be waiting for you to have some time for us 🙂 but your family takes priority of course


  2. I’m glad all is good!

    Is that karawyah that I smell???

  3. Yayyy! Good job being mom! Take good care of yourself and baby peanut, glad all is well! And yes, can’t wait for the economy to get better so people shut up about it already! Well, excluding you, you have the right to say anything. [ insert emoticon that makes you laugh ]

    Anyway, something weird just happened. I hadn’t checked 7akifadi.com in a while and just did today. Did this happen before? Wait a second, I get the feeling that it did..
    Spill some 7aki fadi when you’re fadi, cuz I’m very fadi and just love fadi!


  4. hehe alf el7amdella baby peanut is fine mshan mama 7aki doesn’t get all hormonal on us 😛

    I feel soooooooooos oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry for baba 7aki Allah y3eeno


  5. Awwwww salamat 3al bubeh, and yeah mom + hormones a scary mix, but maybe we’ll find some hilarious 7aki on hormone rage!!

  6. We miss you at work!!!!!
    Glad to hear peanut is doing well.
    487737 minutes to go.

    Does the wall st crisis mean that you have to return to work sooner?

  7. Hamdillah 3ala salamit peanut, and hamdillah all is good now:) Missed reading from you mama 7aki…
    Is your mom with you to help you with the baby and all?! hope she is!!

  8. i m glad all is fine now 🙂

    you are most definatly having a wonderful time with too little girls now 🙂

  9. phew. Thank God the little baby is doing great now 🙂

  10. Hey congratulations !!! i missed quite a few things myself but its still great to hear the good news and i hope you are relaxing just a bit more now 😀
    take care of yourself and peanut
    btw hows lil 7aki doing ?

  11. Mabruk, keep that little peanut healthy and growing!

  12. Congrats 7aki, and 7amdela 3a salamtek and salamt Peanut 🙂

    Funny story happened after I read your post: my friend on facebook commented on someone’s photo album (I don’t know the album owner person) and congratulated her on her brand new baby daughter and was like “oh glad you got the jaundice under control.. and you seriously need to stop calling her Peanut now”

    I thought it was you LOOOL.. turns out the person lived in DC, not Canada, so it wasn’t you, just a weird coincidence 😀

    Hope you and your girls are doing well! 🙂

  13. very late congargs there … hope all is well

  14. Qwaider: Thanks Qwaider 🙂

    Mab3oos: Kawawyeh, hehehe. nobody made me karawyeh 😦 .

    Tee: LOL. Are you on speed?

    KJ: WHAT? Feel sorry for baba 7aki? Well it was kinda true, I did drive him crazy a little back then. heheh no I am normal.

    Suha: hehehe, I guess I can do hormone rage posts. Stay tuned.

    Bob: I don’t miss work. YIKES, it dipped in the 4rs now. Well Bob they screwed my EI app and I am still waiting to gets paid, I needs money man, I NEEDS IT. and no I will not under any circumstance come to word sooner, NEVER.

    Nido: Yes my mom is here and honestly if she wasn’t I think I would have collapsed from the stress, but now alhamdullilah peanut is great and life is back in order 🙂 . I missed the blogs too wallah.

    fadi :Thanks 😀 .

    bam: Inta kaman konet mikthify? Little 7aki is in love with her sister, she is doing GREAT. She can’t get enough of her 🙂 . And yes I am way more relaxed that all is well thanks God.

    MommaBean: Thanks 😀 .

    Bella: HAHAHAH really? that is just too funny.

    Isam: Thanks 😀 .

  15. Now everyone is talking about the American economy and eclections, nice to read something different. Eugene

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