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  1. is this how you feel these days? 🙂
    be sure that this is the best thing you will do to your baby and yourself….ENJOY!!

  2. Hahaha th’ats just hilarious.

  3. LOL, bitkhayli: inti, Angelina Jolie and Halle Barry all MOOING in unison!!

  4. Ta7sheeesh 7aki! hahaa…enjoy it 😀

  5. *goes and milks cows for 7aki*

  6. A dirty pun came to my mind so let’s just leave it at that 😀

  7. LOOOOL hang in there.. it seems like not so many people prefer baby feeding the natural way but you know what they say “breast is best” << just had to say it HAHA

  8. Summer: Yes that’s exactly how I feel 🙂 . Thanks I am enjoying it.

    Roba: mooo

    Kinzi: Wow that’s true, all these stars and me.

    Nido: I am trying, as you most probably know it hurts as hell sometimes but I am persevering 😀 .

    Hamza: hahahaha

    KJ: take your mind out of the gutter 😛

    Suha: I would also take any opportunity to say boob. LOL.

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