Hello My Name Is 7aki And I Am An Addict.

Yup, I can’t hide it anymore, I am addicted, BIG TIME. I can’t stop so shoot me.

I am addicted to sniffing her all over; her little neck and her little toes (sometimes they smell funny, hahaha) and her hair and OH MY GOD everything.

I can’t get enough all day and night.

Well I am not addicted to her poop, nope. And I wouldn’t mind sleeping at night. And my boobs hurt like a MOFO.

BUT sniff sniff sniff ALL DAY.


OK so I fa3asetha the other day and little 7aki came running and said stop, don’t be so rough, hehehe, but I couldn’t help it I had to. And then I kissed her really hard and little 7aki yanked my face away, HAHAHAHAHA.

I think little 7aki will be the protective older sister.

God I love my girls.


9 Responses

  1. Aww thats sweet bas 7ajtek taf3ees shu jabara lal-maskeeneh and LMAO at “like a MOFO”….

    And it’s so true that babies have distinctive scents, I keep smelling my baby cousin’s scalp. Her parent’s won’t let me near her anymore lol!!

  2. When I was about to leave the hospital they wanted to give me a basket full of baby oil and cream and powder but I refused to take it, for the milk’s smell on her body is just like heaven 😀 I love her pure smell :$

    the toes and feet “sometimes they smell funny” saaa7?!?! I wanted to hear it from someone else 😀 haha

  3. yeah babies smell good. got a girl arriving in 3 weeks and looking forward to the lovely smell.

  4. omg i love love love their smell 😦 I wanna come over and eat her little toes lol so little 7aki can eat a bite off me and spit it to America haha

  5. hehehehehhehe so cute

    Allah ye7meehon 🙂

  6. Seriously babies are just b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l. Honestly gorgeous and edible. Yum 😉

    God bless your girls hehe. Sounds like you ladies are having fun!

  7. Suha: HAHAHHA. Yeah you can’t just keep sniffing other peoples babies, LOL.
    And breastfeeding is hard and it hurts, something people don’t tell you.

    Nido: Babies have a stinky smell which is sooooo nice. sigh, snifff.

    Tim: I can’t wait to read when your baby is born 🙂 . Good luck.

    Batoul: HAHAHA little 7aki will butcher you.

    KJ: Sanx

    Posh: We are having lots of fun 😀

  8. what a beautiful picture of motherhood. This is a heavinly picture. Allah yekhallelek eyyahom 🙂

  9. I am anticipating the day that little 7aki will come to you and say: “I want my own baby”…hahahahaha

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