So Obama won the election eh? I got goose bumps and all.

And baby peanut (knock on wood) is all cheeks, I think I need to call her baby watermelon now (bateekha) .

And check it, check it, my sister wrote her first post here, go show her some love 🙂 . The post is actually good, I mean, imagine if I am selling her post and I tell you to go check her out and she sucked? Won’t be a good thing.

Otherwise I am chilling, eating mansaf and stuffed cabbage leaves and karawyah, man I had so much karawyah I am going to regret it later. Just to give you a picture, I lost all the pregnancy weight and then some by my 2nd week after birth, and then after the 6th week I gave birth I am gaining weight, not baby wieght but FAT weight, hmmm gotta cut down on the mansaf and karawyah or I will go back to work fatter than when I was pregers, LOOOOOL.

Oh oh speaking of Mansaf, baba 7aki let baby peanut lick a spoon that had a little bit of mansaf on it, thus initiating her in the Jordanian society, hahahahaha, she loved it, we were concerned that she would not like breast milk after she had her first taste of the intoxicating stuff.

Also in other news little 7aki got a new bedroom set and OMG it looks sooooooooooooo cute, she arranged her books on her desk , she makes the bed EVERYDAY without me asking, I swear, and she designated a drawer in her night table for all the treasures she collects, for example, a pine-cone we got when we went hiking in the park by the creek, her costume jewlery and also a piece of Styrofoam that was part of the bedroom packaging. Why , you might ask, she thinks it’s a treasure? Because she likes the sound it makes when she rubs it . FA3EEEEEEEEEEEEEES.

And that’s all she wrote.

See ya later people 😀 .


11 Responses

  1. Long time no check! So you had a baby! Mabrook Mabrook…
    Speaking of babies eating stuff, guess what is jude’s new favourite food?

    Jack links beef jerky, hahahahaha.

    By the way ana fake7 3la 3amman Nesquik, nanananana.

  2. YO! sounds like that 7aki’s are having a blast (knock on wood).
    So peanut is no longer peanut 😉
    have all the mommy food you desire (especially malfoof)

  3. You make her make her bed!?!?! Come on lighten up…what a total waste of time.

  4. Aww she likes the sound shu adorable haha I used to chew styrofoam walla!! Maybe that’s why I turned out to be so weird haha..

    Yeah no matter how many expensive toys you get for your kids they always end up liking those cheap junk like cardboards and bubble wrap..
    BUBBLE WRAP IS THE BOMB!!! I am expecting a post about little 7aki and her bubble wrap adventures!!

  5. banatik bi3a2doooo…lil 7aki and batteekha!! lol! Allah yikhallilik eyyahom…I love girls, more than ever :$
    My dad used to give my baby a taste of almost everything we ate in Amman…even his HOT gallayeh 😀

  6. Mabrouk to little 7aki, shes going into the big sister mode hehe. Wow, Jordanizing your bateekha pretty early loool…

    I was impressed with the weight news until I got to the second part LOL but hey, you have a reason… do take advantage and enjoy karawya. With your kinda weather… ppfffttt, perfect!

  7. Mohanned: Beef Jerky, lol. Man ir7amha shawy la Jood. Nialak you are going to Amman. Well I have Amman here AKA my mom.

    Bam: Ya I figured mom is leaving in Jan so I should stuff my face until she leaves and then I’ll be back to starvation mode.
    We are having a blast 😀 .

    yfa: LOL. See i don’t make her, she is sooo happy with her new room that she makes it so her room looks pretty.

    Suha: I used to chew styrofoam toooooooooooo, i liked how it squeaked in my mouth HAHAHAHA. Explains a lot.
    And bubble wrap is the greatest invention on earth 🙂 .
    By the way I dropped by your blog, it’s pretty good!

    Nido: Allah ykhalilek your baby, I watch all her movies on your blog.
    Don’t you love girls? They are such a blessing from God, wait till your daughter starts it7en 3alaiky when you are sick, it’s priceless. Gosh I love my girls 😀 .
    Hahhahha at the 2allayeh. Today bateekha had some 3arayes, LOL.

    Batoul: HAHAHA @ the second part of weight news. It’s not too bad, just a couple of pounds. So I am 2 pounds above my previous pregnancy weight, I’d say that’s darn good, but I should stop cos at this rate I will be mama bateekha not mama 7aki, HAHAHAHHAHAHA.

  8. pictures girl..pictures…at least of little 7aki’s new bedroom set.

    and how can you love KARAWYA? it sucks

  9. So basically, you’re FAT now?

    FAT? Like, you have FAT around your hips? As in, that blubbery stuff? FAT?


    I second Hamza – show us some pix!

  10. Hamza: OK OK I’ll post some pictures 🙂 . And I am sure you didn’t have good karawya that’s why you hate it 😛 .


    Ewww no man, I just gained 2 or 3 pounds. Are you jealous cos you’re skinny 😛 .

  11. enjoy u r addiction..bcz in a # of years u will not be able to do that! xP

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