Barack Lincoln


Obama is being compared a lot to Abraham Lincoln or at least people are hopeful that he is.

Also there is a rumor that Hilary Clinton is going to be Secretary of state. Interesting.

I really CAN’T wait for Inauguration Day on January 20th, 2009.

Check out this funny cartoon via source





HAHAHAHAHAHA pork roast on Xmas day, that is just tooooo funny.


7 Responses


    Thanks for the great Laugh 7aki

  2. ta7sheesh!! Bush, a big confused guy.

    I can totaly understand how sad comedians are to see Bush leaving. We will suffer from humor withdrawal.
    (but thank God for Paris Hilton)

  3. Hilarious

  4. hahahahahaha … nahfeh!

    Ahh, i really am not feeling good about appointing Hillary Clinton as a secretary of state. Personally, i only care about the prospects of this new administration of really working on advancing the peace process, and it seems that Hillary Clinton is too much on the side of the Israelis already.

    Plus, most of Hillary’s work was domestic to the US, why consider her for foreign policy ? i really don’t understand this.

  5. LOOOOL…thanks for the morning laugh…

  6. dont let the door hit you in the ass on your way out LOL that literally had me laugh so hard it’s insane hahaha
    and pork roast he’s such a jackass LOOOL

  7. LOL! The obama/Lincoln photo is cool.
    Only legacy hahaha

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