A Conversation With My Mother In Law

MIL : I don’t know what’s wrong with this generation of girls, you get your husbands to help you with everything. When I was married and your age I had no help from anyone, I had 4 boys and your father in law would leave me all alone to take care of them while he traveled ALL THE TIME.

Me: Did you have a good life? Were you happy?

MIL : No I was not, I was actually miserable.

Me: Well, I want to be happy, so if I can be happy why not make it happen?

MIL: You are right, you are right.


18 Responses

  1. LOL, 7aki. And your hubby is such a happy man HE stays home!

  2. Thank God I won’t be dating any of your friends that were brain-washed by you.

  3. Poor Auntie.. now wonder she’s always stressed out.

  4. thats 100% true 🙂
    wala enk shatra w 5leeteha t3taref 🙂 GO ahead heheheh

  5. Maskeen, Baba-7aki, maskeen.

  6. Bravo 7aki Fadi! Be happy 🙂

  7. lazeezeh 7amatek 🙂

  8. Ladies back then were out of this world, with all the obsessive cleaning, drying your own vegetables, making their own cheese out of scratch, popping out ten kids in ten years and to still have time to sew your own clothes or knit or crochet.. Oh and washing the clothes by hand…

    Those women had to be taking something.. They were all drugged I tell ya DRUGGED!!

  9. This reminds of a very funny lady, my cousin’s mom who we visited last year. She always used to tell us “shoo bitfakro jeezitkum zay jeezitna ilkhara” about the things they put up with.

  10. Reminds me more of my father in-law. He on the other hand wants me to be miserable. Thinks I should not drive, work, have any kind of domestic help, cook everything from scratch and not visit my family. 😀 Needless to say, I tune him out all the time and go laa laaa laaaa laaa in my head when he’s talking. I am always amazed how my husband turned out a very balanced guy (mashaAllah)

  11. ah i really really hate sitting with older women sometimes…they start with how ya 7aram they had no washing machines, and a million kids to take care of..,,blah blah blah blah…i just nod and say aha….aha…but then they only had to worry about cleaning the house and making food….no driving kids around to activities, they didnt have courses to finish here and there…never had to worry about making the budget and paying the bills..and they didnt have a blog to maintain :o)

  12. ohhhh … u pwned her pretty hard :p

    wa7ad – sifir

  13. brilliant way to handle a conversation with an in-law :o))

  14. 7AKEEEEEEEEEEEEE …. not nice to use that acronym its too close to something and makes shiver in trauma.
    Thats really good come back 😉

  15. Bam: Do you mean Military? or something else ?

  16. i’m the only poo poo brained person in the room… ask co-workers .

  17. Well I’m at home on maternity leave and not working and I think you meant MILF sa7? lol. Leave it to guys to always think of something dirty 😛

  18. Well I feel sorry for her previous suffering

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