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Slingshot hip-hop

It’s pretty amazing! Check it out.


3 Responses

  1. I’ve been wanting to see htis but never got the opportunity. There’s another documentary about undeerground Palestinian and Isreali hiphop that I saw at a Film Festival that was absolutely AMAZING! it’s called ‘channels of rage’. One of the main characters featured is Tamer from DAM…it shows his early days starting out and his friendship turned rivalry with Kobe Shimoni AKA Subliminal whose like Israel’s most famous rapper.

  2. I have to admit I did not watch the film yet and I did not study the whole film background and message. But I can not help asking few questions, and if you can help answering them. I hope you have the patience for that.

    I can not help wondering how many female rapper/actor from Gaza? How many from the West Bank? And how many are from Israel?

    There is a scene has a Palestinian rapper/actor stands in front of what appears an Israeli soldier, and he argues over using the Arabic language, I can not help but wondering what are the chances for an Israeli rapper, who supports Israel, to stand in front of a Hamas Militia member (or police) and have a similar argument?

    Not to be misunderstood, I am committed to human rights, but every human right, not only for male Palestinians, not only for Palestinians, but every human, including Israelis.

    I will be very supportive of any group that addresses the different related issues of human rights, not necessarily in the same piece of work/art, but over s series, addresses the aggression by settlers and Israeli government, but also the aggression by Palestinians against the minority who support the coexistence, the aggression by Palestinians against women, and the ideology and intention of aggression against Jews once/if they acquire power, and the later is supported by huge amount of literature and daily speeches and articles, and few run against that main stream.

    I wish to belive that those who carry this message against discrimination and intolerance and the majority of people those messengers are carrying the message on behalf, are really committed to equality, tolerance, and human rights of every human. But I can not help wondering are they?

    Sorry 7aki, but I have to say something. I have to say, as much as I support the message in the film, I wish I can support the group, but I need more evidence on their real commitment. There is a big difference between being committed to human rights, and for being committed to your tribe and use human right flag to advance your agenda.

  3. FM: I have not watched the whole movie but there was a special on TV that played lots of clips from the movie so I can’t really comment on the movie itself.

    But I think that rapping about a cause is better than violence don’t you think? The people in the movie are mostly Arab Israelis.

    I will answer from what i saw, there is one female singer Abeer from Arab Israel, I think there are no females from Gaza since you know women in Gaza are mostly dominated by their male relatives and would not be allowed to rap.

    As for the Palestinians speaking in Arabic in front of the Israeli soldier, he is actually and Arab Israeli citizen who lives in Israel and was stopped 4 times by the Israeli police just for speaking in Arabic (not even protesting or doing anything) which is his right since in Israel they claim they are a democracy, so he was stopped by police for merely speaking in Arabic. So that is racism I think since he is an Israeli citizen with a passport and all.
    Abeer was fired from McDonlads after working there for 4 years because one day she spoke in Arabic, come on FM that is racist.

    The Arab Israeli rappers in the movie are asking for equality in Israel they are the minority and they are being discriminated against.

    As for the Gaza rappers, you know full well what is going on in Gaza I don’t need to explain it to you so I say good for them they are rapping for their cause instead of being violent.

    Maybe I can answer your q’s best if I watch the whole movie, but i think it’s a great movie, and I think it has a great message. Instead of them doing violent things or being silent ,rapping works as an outlet and spreads their message peacefully.

    Always a pleasure to read your comments. Aren’t you going to blog??? yallah go for it, you already have the name picked out 😀 .

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