Bush ducks thrown shoes

As if he’s been training to duck all his life!

The news:

ABC News’ Martha Raddatz reports from Baghdad: Not everyone is excited about President Bush’s surprise trip to Iraq.

An Iraqi man in Prime Minister Nouri-al Maliki’s palace threw two shoes at President Bush during a joint press conference with Maliki. The president had to duck to avoid the shoes but he was not hit.

The man was grabbed and dragged out screaming.

Bush joked about it and said, “that was a size ten shoe he threw at me you may want you to know. “

As security grabbed the man, White House press secretary Dana Perino got knocked beneath her eye by a microphone.

After order had been restored to the room, the man could still be heard screaming from another room.


13 Responses

  1. […] ducks thrown shoes Posted in December 14th, 2008 by in Uncategorized Bush ducks thrown shoes “ As security grabbed the man, White House press secretary Dana Perino got knocked beneath her […]

  2. Haha, too bad he didn’t have better aim. Dubya really deserved a pair of shoes. One for the war and another for the economy. I had read the news as it happened, but didn’t see the video. Thanks, this made my morning!

  3. I sort of feel sorry for the reporter who did it because I am sure they’re going to make him pay for it, but I think he has guts! At least he did what he could. I hope the rest of us will throw a shoe (not necessarily literally) when we think something is wrong in our Arab countries.

  4. I still can’t stop laughing

  5. This video made my day! I admire this man!

  6. haha that’s very bad.. murag hapit njd naigo c bush….hahaha

  7. 7aki,

    hey 🙂 I also featured this video on my blog. Well, I agree with Hani and too bad Bush was fast enough to avoid it hitting right on his huge forehead.

    Funny humiliating video

  8. Hani: I agree, he made a mess out of his presidency.

    jessys: He really has guts. I don’t think anybody has ever done that at any president in the world. Well in Jordan the parliament members are known to throw ashtrays at each other not shoes. LOL.

    KJ: 😀 .

    Observer: Bush or the guy who threw the shoes?

    Posh: I can’t believe how fast his reflex was

  9. I think bush knew about it before, so he could escape.

  10. Bush was prepared for the incedent.
    A Bad thrower..:(

  11. HE ONE FAST MOTHER DUCKER hahahahaha

    That is seriously the best video I have ever seen
    It’s so arab to throw the surmayeh at someone my mom’s prayers have been answered except that it aint her slippers

  12. this is the least he deserves! come on! who wouldnt love to be in this journalist’s place
    fash 2alb el kol!
    btw did you notice that no one moved when he was hit the first time, they only moved after the journalist hit him the in his second shoe
    God bless you journalist!

  13. Good on BOTH (unprepared) presidents who stayed really cool. Wow!!
    Good on those amazing, (well-trained) throws, (sorry etihad).
    Thrower should become top league baseball pitcher rather than frustrated journalist. here’s another solution for iraq: stop training the police and army. Instead, train the future iraq baseball team and in return, let Iraq train the US army to throw shoes like that.

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